Pet Diary: The Twelve Days of Christmas SUCK!

Day One: Forced to pose for humiliating Christmas card photo.

Guinea Pig in Santa hat

Day Two: Human has gotten suitcases out of storage.

CAT what am I doing with my life

Day Three: Attempted escape foiled by lack of opposable thumbs. Also car keys.

RABBIT Just get in the car Alice - sent to KK

Day Four: Human attempts/fails to get us to boarding kennel.

ALASKA flat tire

Day Five: Human leaves us home alone instead.

CAT DOG Nothing to see here

Day Six: Bored. Bored. Bored.

CAT So come here often

Day Seven: Sing to ease boredom. Neighbors bang on walls.  Sing louder.

CAT Popeye

Day Eight: Woke from Worst Nightmare Ever!

CAT That awful moment

Day Nine: Human foolishly expects joy on return.

CAT 2014_01 LOLCAT photo by Heather

Day Ten: What? You thought we were done punishing you? You were gone for DAYS!

DOG Cmas tree fainted

Day Eleven: Bwahahahahaha!

CAT CMAS ornaments are history

Day Twelve: Damn.

CAT Couldn't get any worse - PN

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  1. Really funny collection, chrissy!

    This looks like as apt a place as any for some links I thought some here might appreciate.

    “If and when we finally encounter aliens, they probably won’t look like little green men, or spiny insectoids. It’s likely they won’t be biological creatures at all, but rather, advanced robots that outstrip our intelligence in every conceivable way.”

    This “silly season” article says not many folks conceive of our first encounter being with superior artificial intelligence, but I remember The Day the Earth Stood Still had police robots in charge. Gort wasn’t quick, but he was in charge. (The original, not the remake I’d never watch.) In any case, “robots are taking over” seems to be a recurring theme lately. Schedule your time to worry about it accordingly; I know I have: later.

    “Fountain Green, in Sanpete County, held its first Christmas light parade. It was in honor of 6-year-old Addie Fausett, who is terminally ill. Doctors have told her parents this will likely be her last Christmas.”

    Deseret News

    “The Crow government wants the world to know the name of its God and has erected a sign along Interstate 90 to declare it. The message, ‘Jesus Christ is Lord on the Crow Nation,’ is proclaimed on a new, 33-foot illuminated sign in Crow Agency, which shares the image of the tribal seal. It was funded by the tribe.”

    Billings Gazette

    Merry Second Day of Christmas. Look! A couple of turtle doves!