The Extraordinary Medjugorje Matchers

I compared the current Blood Moon Tetrad with the Medjugorje Anniversaries.

Current tetrad with Medjugorje Ann

Remembering Herod’s eclipse and the calendar matchers for the Medjugorje Anniversaries of Jesus’ Bris and Crucifixion, I started searching the NASA data base to see what else God might have put in the sky to warn us the end is near.

In all, I found SEVEN PAIRS of eclipse matchers for Medjugorje Anniversaries. Seven is the number of completeness; pairs speak of First and Second Comings.

Even freakier, these SEVEN PAIRS showed a stunning degree of similarity in days, dates and paths. First, I’ll show you the individual pairs, then after that, I’ll show you the Excel file I made that highlights these patterns.

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 1 - Herod A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 2 - Bar Mitzvah  A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 3 - Jn6 BM1 A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 4 - Jn7,8 BM2 A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 5 - Solar A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 6 - CrucifixionBM3 A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 7 - BM4 A

Medjugorje Anniversaries - chart and notes FINAL VS

Click on graphic to embiggen for easier reading.

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  1. That’s a lot of work putting all these together, Chrissy. Well done!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’ve been working on this, off and on, for months now. I finally got the go-ahead from the Holy Spirit to publish. 🙂