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One Stitch Closer

This is such an inspiring story!  Veronika was the child of addicts living in Detroit.  If anyone had an excuse to be a loser, it was her.  She declined.  And she’s helping other women to say no to poverty and victimhood too.

One Stitch Closer: Veronika empowers other women

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More Elf on Shelf pics

I love these!

ELF Buzz Lightyear Elf on Shelf

ELF LEGO Elf on Shelf Gulliver

ELF DOG Ate Elf on Shelf

H/t bluebirdofbitterness

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A Catholic Blogs about the End Times

I have been exploring this topic for many moons now.  The following is a list I compiled of blogs I’ve written about End Times signs from a Catholic perspective.

Published in 2013

Jewish Feast Days in 33 AD
About how the Jewish Passover customs match the Scripture accounts of Jesus’ Passion.

The Harbinger
About Jonathan Cahn’s prophetic book.

Signs in the Sky
About The Star of Bethlehem DVD

The Year Jesus was Born
About why I think Jesus’ real birthday was June 17, 2 BC (aka, Sivan 15, 3759)

The Year Jesus Died
About why Jesus was 33 years old when He died, just as tradition has always stated

About what a Jubilee Year is and why I think 5678 HY, 5728 HY, and 5778 HY qualify
2014 note: I probably got this wrong. Jubilee is the year after Shemitah.

“Dating the End of the World”
About how I used the Daniel 12:5-13 prophesy as a word problem

Published in 2014

“End Times: Signs in the Sky”
About the rare TETRAD and how the dates all match Jewish holy days

“Rabbi Kaduri, Ariel Sharon and the End of Time”
About “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah”

“Watching the signs: January, February and March of 2014”
Seven extraordinary sky signs in three month period

“More ponderings on January, February and March of 2014 [UPDATED]”
About the extraordinary way in which the lunar, common and Jewish calendars line up

“Just how rare is a Double Black Moon?”
Black Moon: Two new moons within a single calendar month.

“About that solar eclipse on March 20, 2015”

“Re-thinking the seven-year treaty”
Just pondering some questions I have

“The Mystery of the Eighth Day”
About Shemini Atzeret, the eighth day that is and isn’t part of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)

“I’ll be Rapture Ready in April 2014”
My faith will be fine if I’m still here in May 🙂

“A donkey and a colt with her”
An explanation for one of the apparent discrepancies in the four Gospel accounts of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

“A brief history of the Bible in English”
The first English Bible translations were done by Catholic monks

“When the fig tree sprouts leaves”
Why I think the Rapture will be during or near Passover

“Catholic Teaching on Private Revelation”

“The NINE Days of the Son of Man”
“The days will come when you will long to see one of the days of the Son of Man.”  (Luke 17:22 NABRE)

“Are you walking the walk or just talking the talk?”
About applied Bible study

“Two more significant events coming in April 2014”
About Palestinian peace effort and Iran nuke deal

“The latest sign of the End Times”
About the corruption of marriage

“Vladimir Lenin and Our Lady of Fátima”
A timeline that will truly astonish you!

“Why a Rapture?”
God doesn’t spare His own from suffering, so what’s the real purpose?

“More on Letters-Seals and Trumpets-Bowls”
Addition evidence for my parallel interpretation.

“A Century of Trial”
About how God granted Satan a century of power over His church and about evidence this century started in 1917.

“About that solar eclipse on March 20, 2015”
About the current Blood Moon Tetrad that is bisected by a total solar eclipse

“TRIPLE Sky Sign on April 15, 2014”
About three ways the first of the TETRAD of Blood Moons is prophetic

“April 2015: More on the Solar and Lunar Eclipses”
About the third Blood Moon in the TETRAD, the solar eclipse 2 weeks prior, Scripture and the calendar

“Why I spend so much time on sky signs”
Link to free viewing of “The Star of Bethlehem”

“Herod the Great died in 1 BC”
Why the traditional date given for the death of Herod the Great (4 BC) is wrong.

“Dating the Annunciation of Mary in 3 BC”
About what Scripture and the sky tell us about the Annunciation

“Mary’s pregnancy: Nine months in 3759”
About Jesus’ actual birth date and when Mary was pregnant

“Where was Jesus baptized?”
What Scripture tells us about where in Israel John baptized Jesus

“Lunar Eclipse Over Bluebonnets”
Eclipse montage shows why a total eclipse of the moon is called a Blood Moon @

“A Timeline for the Ministry of Jesus”
An attempt to use Scripture clues and sky charts to date Jesus’ public years

“Is Mary’s Medjugorje timeline related to Jesus’ First Coming?”
The first apparition at Medjugorje was on the 1982d anniversary of Jesus’ circumcision.

“Dating Jesus’ Bar Mitzvah”
Gaining insight into the Finding in the Temple incident

“About the first Pentecost”
The Jewish holy day gives insight into the meaning of the day

“Dating the Medjugorje Anniversaries of Jesus’ Public Ministry”

“April/Nisan Matchers”
About the rarity of April-Nisan matchers and why I bother with all this calendar and sky sign stuff.

“The SECOND Blood Moon had a matcher too!”
About my discovery that the second Blood Moon in the current TETRAD has a Medjugorje matcher in Jesus’ time

“Mary and the Number Five”
About why the number 5 is a symbol for the Blessed Virgin

“The Number(s) of the Beast: 666 and 616”
About the significance of the numbers 777, 666, and 616, and about why 6 is Satan’s number.

“616, 666, 777: Look what happens when you ADD the numbers”
How these numbers point to 2013, 2018, and 2021

“More insight into the Mark of the Beast – MUST SEE VIDEO”
Walid Shoebat’s video

“616 and the Centennial of the Fatima Angel Apparitions”
The three angel apparitions that preceded the six Mary apparitions at Fatima fell within the “616” overlap in 5676/1916.
The centennial of these apparitions will fall within the “616” overlap in 5776/2016.

“Google Stalking the Number of the Beast”
How the Holy Spirit gave us 616, 666 AND “In the name of Allah” for the “number of the beast”

“March 2015 Solar Eclipse and Third TETRAD Blood Moon also have 33 CE matchers!”
So far I’ve found Medjugorje matchers for the first three Blood Moons and the solar eclipse.

“Our Lady of Fatima”
A brief explanation of the Fatima apparitions and images of Our Lady of Fatima

“Is this the century God granted Satan extra power over His church?”
About the prophecies and 1917-2017

“FIVES and the Fatima Centennial”
More numerology

“The FOURTH Blood Moon has a First Century matcher too!”
A calendar/eclipse graphic plus links to sources and background reading.

“Eclipse Matcher Number Six!”
Jesus’ first visit to Temple as a bar mitzvah and its Medjugorje anniversary have matching lunar eclipses.

“Dating the Slaughter of the Innocents and the Flight into Egypt”
How the Bible’s account can be dated by referencing the “Star of Bethlehem” and Josephus’ account of Herod’s death

“Medjugorje eclipse matcher number SEVEN!”
About the lunar eclipse 1982 years after Herod’s eclipse

“What exactly is a ‘Blood Moon Tetrad’?”
Explains what it is and how to access NASA’s eclipse catalog.

Shana Tova!
Sept 25, 2014 was the first day of the Shemitah Year 5775.

The Shemitah and Satan’s Century
About how the Jewish Shemitah Years line up with my Satan’s century speculations

“Gazing on the Two Witnesses”
The whole world can look on the bodies of the two witnesses.
Originally published @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/gazing-on-the-two-witnesses/

“This generation will not pass away”
If Matt 24:34 means people who were alive when Israel was reborn, the End Times are imminent.

“More on Blood Moon Tetrads”
Why the current tetrad is significant to End Times prophecy.

OTHER RESOURCES: Quick access for people who like to look stuff up for themselves
Best site about the Star of Bethlehem @ http://www.bethlehemstar.com/
“The Star of Bethlehem” movie in full @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPHKg0M3mEo
Hebrew-Roman calendars @ http://www.cgsf.org/dbeattie/calendar/
NASA’s lunar eclipse catalog @ http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEcat5/LEcatalog.html
NASA’s solar eclipse catalog @ http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEcat5/SEcatalog.html
Why NASA labels 1 BC as “0000” @ http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/SEhelp/dates.html
“Astronomy and the Death of King Herod” – A close analysis of the Jewish calendar, lunar eclipse data from NASA and Josephus’ account of Herod’s death @ http://www.askelm.com/star/star010.htm
NT travel time Galilee to Jerusalem @ https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080103223900AA8Cg5C
About Bar Mitzvah @ http://www.jewfaq.org/barmitz.htm
About Shavu’ot @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shavuot
About Jewish Holidays @ http://www.jewfaq.org/holidayc.htm
About Shemitah @ http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/562077/jewish/Shemitah-101.htm

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