The significance of the current Blood Moon Tetrad

Tetrad - Four blood moons coming

To quickly recap why the current tetrad is very significant to End Times prophecy:

  • Only eleven Blood Moon Tetrads since the First Coming match Jewish holidays.
  • Only six of these included a Total Solar Eclipse on a Jewish holiday.
  • THREE were in the first millennium; TWO were in the second; ONE is now in the third.

The TWO tetrads in the 2d millennium match major events in modern Israel.

FIRST: 1949-1950 matches the re-establishment of Israel as a nation.
SECOND: 1967-1968 matches the Jews re-taking of Jerusalem.

The THIRD tetrad (2014-2015) is the only one of the original eleven to encompass a Shemitah.

  • Its solar eclipse (Adar 29, 5775 HY) will bisect the Shemitah year.
    • Adar 29 is the midpoint of the Shemitah that began Tishri 1, 5775 HY.
  • Its solar eclipse (Mar 20, 2015) will bisect the four lunar eclipses.
    • This happened only once before, during the 8th c. tetrad.

The TWO Shemitahs prior to the current one exhibited End Times warning signs.

FIRST: 9/11 Attacks (5761 HY / Sep 30, 2000 – Sep 17, 2001)
SECOND: Global Economic Collapse (5768 HY / Sep 13, 2007 – Sep 29, 2008)

The THIRD and current Shemitah is embedded in the current tetrad.
(5775 HY / Sep 25, 2014 – Sep 13, 2015)

  • The current Shemitah began two weeks before Blood Moon #2.
  • The current Shemitah will be bisected precisely by a Total Solar Eclipse.
  • The solar eclipse will occur two weeks before Blood Moon #3.
    • Two weeks is the shortest time possible between back-to-back solar and lunar eclipses.
  • The current Shemitah will end two weeks before Blood Moon #4.

Are the goose bumps piling up yet?

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