Everything happens for a reason. This has never been more evident than it was yesterday. As you all know I’ve been working on getting to know my youngest again after many years of neglect. We had arranged to meet for breakfast yesterday. While sitting in a booth in a small neighborhood restaurant waiting for her,a woman and an old man walked up and she addressed me by name.’ Remember me?’ It was my late Aunt Gloria’s daughter, my cousin Patty and her dad, my Uncle Bob, neither of whom I’d seen in almost 18 years since Aunt Gloria’s funeral.  They sat down and for nearly an hour the four of us talked about what was going on, who had passed, where our kids were, how many grandchildren everybody had, and I silently marveled at how much my uncle looked like his own dad when we were all much younger.

YD left first, having to take my grandson to the doctor, and Patty and I exchanged phone#s and connected on FB. Somewhere along the way it struck me the Lord intended for this to happen. There’s no other reason I can explain it. Now that I can contact most of my cousins through various means I’m thinking maybe next summer would be a good time for a reunion of a sort. We haven’t all been together since Granny passed and a lifetime has gone on since then. Everybody is getting on, we have children and grandchildren and it would be a pity if we all didn’t get together for some fellowship and reminiscing one more time before we’re all called Home. I can be terribly thick-headed,but God knows I won’t question Him.











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  1. Pistol Pete

    Sadly,I’m contractually obligated to come out of my Divinely-induced euphoria occasionally and deal with the depravity that is our corrupt gives me no joy.

    Obama’s Anti-Second Amendment Surgeon General Nominee Confirmed By The Senate

    The Senate GOP got upset because Cruz and Lee made them stay in town on a Saturday to vote.To think they’d actually do what they promised to do.How absurd.The media claimed this caused Reid to pull the ‘nuclear option’ in retaliation.Truth is,he planned to do it all along.Yesterday was his last day as Majority leader and they shoved dozens of Obama lackeys through while the republicans couldn’t stop them.
    In a last minute move before the end of the 2014 lame duck session, Senate Democrats confirmed President Obama’s rabidly anti-Second Amendment surgeon general nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy, late Monday night.

    Murthy, a 36-year old physician, was approved 51-43 as the nation’s top doctor despite opposition from the GOP for his support of gun control and ObamaCare. Three Democrats voted against him, while Sen. Mark Kirk (Ill.) was the only Republican to vote in favor.


    • Pistol Pete

      Democrats Close Out Majority With Wins on Nominations
      We sure f**ked ’em over,didn’t we?

      Tuesday’s flurry of activity followed several tense days in the Senate, which included unexpected sparring Friday night on the Senate floor involving Reid and Republican Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah.

      The objection gave Reid an unexpected Christmas present of a Saturday session to lay the groundwork for speedier confirmation of several Obama nominees that Senate Republicans would have rather avoided, including Dr. Vivek Murthy as surgeon general and Antony Blinken as deputy secretary of State. All told, the Senate would end up confirming 69 Obama nominees from Friday until the final act, according to a Reid aide.


  2. Pistol Pete

    141 _ mostly children _ killed in Pakistan attack

    The rampage at the Army Public School and College began in the morning when seven militants scaled a back wall using a ladder, said Maj. Gen. Asim Bajwa, a military spokesman. When they reached an auditorium where students had gathered for an event, they opened fire.
    They burned their teacher alive before the childrens’ eyes.Obama claims this had nothing to do with Islam.

    Peshawar school attack: Taliban’s ‘revenge’ for Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize

    The Taliban has killed dozens of children at a Peshawar school in a revenge mission for Pakistani schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai being awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Hillary would like us to ‘empathize’ with the Taliban child killers
    Hillary Clinton probably considered it a bold, “new, new Democrat” approach to tell the country we should “empathize” with our enemies earlier this month, but the realities of the daily news make it seem more like timidity instead.
    This would do serious damage to her quest for the presidency if anybody was paying attention.Sadly,they’re not and the media will never bring it up.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Of COURSE we should “empathize” with child killers. That’s what Democrats do every time they talk about “choice” and how “brave” abortionists are.


  4. Pistol Pete

    lighten up….this is getting depressing


  5. Pistol Pete

    Barack & Michelle Obama: We’re Victims of America’s Racism

    This discussion was necessary after the grand jury decisions on Michael Brown and Eric Garner that had nothing to do with racism.
    People reported:

    The protective bubble that comes with the presidency – the armored limo, the Secret Service detail, the White House – shields Barack and Michelle Obama from a lot of unpleasantness. But their encounters with racial prejudice aren’t as far in the past as one might expect. And they obviously still sting.
    Such poor,put-upon Negroes

    Michelle Obama: It Was Racist When A “Woman At Target Asked Me To Help Get Something Off A Shelf”…
    Why,this white bitch done treated me like a house ni**er!
    just because she was 4’10” and I’m over 6′


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Racism: Judging other people based on skin color.

      People like the Oblamers who jump to the immediate conclusion that every thought, word and deed of any white person is AUTOMATICALLY ALL ABOUT THEM AND THEIR BLAAAAAAAACK SKIN are the true racists. They both need a great big dose of Get Over Yourselves.


  6. Pistol Pete

    Obama Normalizes Relations to Communist Cuba

    Obama said the Cuban sanctions did not work.
    For who? The Communists?
    Reds of a feather stick together
    The AP reported:

    President Barack Obama says the U.S. will end its outdated approach to Cuba that has failed to advance U.S. interests.

    Obama is announcing Wednesday that the U.S. and Cuba have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations and open economic and travel ties.
    Alan Gross trades places with ‘Cuban Five’ men responsible for death of 4 Americans

    As part of the release of American contractor Alan Gross from prison in Cuba, the United States has sent back to the island nation three convicted Cuban spies who are part of the so-called Cuban Five – marking one of the largest exchanges of prisoner between the U.S. and another nation since the end of the Cold War.

    The Cuban Five were part of the “Wasp Network” and were sent by Cuba’s then-President Fidel Castro to act as spies in South Florida. They were arrested by the FBI in September 1998, and were convicted in 2001 in Miami on charges including conspiracy and

    Barry sure is a shrewd negotiator,isn’t he?Its been reporetd Gross is dying anyway.


  7. Pistol Pete

    Obama issues ‘executive orders by another name’

    President Obama has issued a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum more often than any other president in history — using it to take unilateral action even as he has signed fewer executive orders.

    When these two forms of directives are taken together, Obama is on track to take more high-level executive actions than any president since Harry Truman battled the “Do Nothing Congress” almost seven decades ago, according to a USA TODAY review of presidential documents


  8. Pistol Pete

    Breaking: Federal Judge Strikes Blow at Obama Executive Amnesty
    So this means Barry’s amnesty is finished,right?
    He ignores any court that disagrees with him.Thanks to The Toad he now has fistfuls of hand-picked judges that will decide whatever he wants them to.
    According to the opinion by Judge Arthur Schwab, the president’s policy goes “beyond prosecutorial discretion” in that it provides a relatively rigid framework for considering applications for deferred action, thus obviating any meaningful case-by-case determination as prosecutorial discretion requires, and provides substantive rights to applicable individuals. As a consequence, Schwab concluded, the action exceeds the scope of executive authority.


  9. Pistol Pete

    AWKWARD: Obama Tries to Crack Santa Joke With Troops… Fails Miserably
    That’s the nobel sp-spirit of your sacrifice. That’s the selfless character of our military. Those are the precious gifts you give America not just this time of year but all year. Every year, you never stop serving. You never stop giving. It’s like Santa in fatigues (silence). Although, I bet one of those C130s is a little more efficient than Santa’s sleigh.”
    What a dickhead


  10. Pistol Pete

    Second Graders Spend Recess Protesting Ferguson. Are They Too Young?

    The 20-odd people chanting “Honk if you want justice,” on a New Bedford, Massachusetts sidewalk Dec. 12 got a lot of attention. They were second graders, rallying against police for the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. While the rest of their class enjoyed 11:30 recess that morning, these 7 and 8-year-old protesters stood by the side of the road in front of the Alma Del Mar Charter School holding signs including one that read, “Please don’t shoot me, Ferguson.”
    this is beyond pathetic


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Beyond pathetic is right. Let’s slap some red kerchiefs on these kids and teach them the Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm Obama song.


  11. Pistol Pete

    Pro-cop T-shirts with rebuttal to ‘I can’t breathe’ selling like hotcakes
    popular new T-shirt is a breath of fresh air.

    The phrase “I can’t breathe” has been a favorite chant at protests across the country as it supposedly refers to the final words of Eric Garner as he died after an altercation with New York City police.

    Now a Mishawaka, Ind., police officer and businessman has developed his own slogan for the public.

    “Breathe easy – Don’t break the law.”
    And the racialists are beside themselves with grief


  12. Pistol Pete

    Obamas get into holiday spirit at benefit concert
    Golf and partying is what I do
    You can’t stop me,so piss on you



    President Barack Obama and his family attended the 33rd annual “Christmas in Washington” concert Sunday at the National Building Museum. The event is a benefit for the Children’s National Health System.


  13. Pistol Pete

    Boehner’s Office Takes Swings At Obama For Executive Amnesty Flip-Flips

    Phony outrage from Barry’s bitch-boy.
    Despite criticism from conservatives that House Leadership has demonstrated a less than forceful opposition to President Obama’s executive amnesty, House Speaker John Boehner’s office continues to attack Obama for his unilateral actions.

    In a dispatch from the Speaker’s office Tuesday morning, Boehner spokesman Matt Wolking argued that “Obama’s immigration explanations are not fooling anyone.” The post comes less than a week after conservatives blasted House Leadership for pushing through a government spending bill that did not defund Obama’s executive amnesty.


  14. Pistol Pete

    #Ferguson Protester Tries To Block Traffic at Portland Rally – Gets Hit By Car

    Thought I’d end this post on a positive note
    As the Michael Brown #Ferguson marches and protests continue, so too does the tactic of spilling into busy streets. But after cases of assault such as this, this, and this, motorists are starting to fear for their own safety when they get caught up in the middle of these marches.

    This past Saturday, December 13th, one such driver in Portland, Oregon feared for his safety and that of his family, and hit the gas as protesters began to surround his car, injuring one protester.


  15. Ting

    Start planning that reunion, Pete. You can have planning lunches, coffees, etc. all winter with those cousins, etc. that you now know how to contact. The planning will be as much fun as the reunion!