Should the Pope keep quiet?

Pope Francis Conform to Jesus

2014 could be called The Year of the Misunderstood Pope. The Left Stream Media refuses to report what he actually says. I like what this guy says, “Perhaps the best solution to the problem of the misunderstood Pope is for his flock to back him up, and stop helping the media’s narrative grow.”

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  1. Should he be silent? That’s what some are saying. Lots of Catholics say he should be more careful and not speak so frequently or so carelessly and preserve the dignity of his position. I say, SCREW dignity. Either he’s doing Jesus’ work or he’s not. The Lord wasn’t very dignified when other people’s spit was dripping down his bloody face at Calgary. He was content to be dignified only after they pried his cold, dead fingers off the cross-piece. Let it be so with us, and let it be so with Franko, bless him.