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Everything happens for a reason. This has never been more evident than it was yesterday. As you all know I’ve been working on getting to know my youngest again after many years of neglect. We had arranged to meet for breakfast yesterday. While sitting in a booth in a small neighborhood restaurant waiting for her,a woman and an old man walked up and she addressed me by name.’ Remember me?’ It was my late Aunt Gloria’s daughter, my cousin Patty and her dad, my Uncle Bob, neither of whom I’d seen in almost 18 years since Aunt Gloria’s funeral.  They sat down and for nearly an hour the four of us talked about what was going on, who had passed, where our kids were, how many grandchildren everybody had, and I silently marveled at how much my uncle looked like his own dad when we were all much younger.

YD left first, having to take my grandson to the doctor, and Patty and I exchanged phone#s and connected on FB. Somewhere along the way it struck me the Lord intended for this to happen. There’s no other reason I can explain it. Now that I can contact most of my cousins through various means I’m thinking maybe next summer would be a good time for a reunion of a sort. We haven’t all been together since Granny passed and a lifetime has gone on since then. Everybody is getting on, we have children and grandchildren and it would be a pity if we all didn’t get together for some fellowship and reminiscing one more time before we’re all called Home. I can be terribly thick-headed,but God knows I won’t question Him.











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Yes, this IS what you should do with creepy Elf on Shelf dolls!


YES!  This is what you do with creepy Elf on Shelf dolls

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Should the Pope keep quiet?

Pope Francis Conform to Jesus

2014 could be called The Year of the Misunderstood Pope. The Left Stream Media refuses to report what he actually says. I like what this guy says, “Perhaps the best solution to the problem of the misunderstood Pope is for his flock to back him up, and stop helping the media’s narrative grow.”

Read the rest @ http://www.catholicvote.org/should-the-pope-keep-quiet/

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