That could either be a reference to the bug I’ve had for the last few days which has made me feel like ten pounds of crap in a one pound bag or the seemingly-non-stop protests that break out on an almost daily basis around the country. Somebody’s making a lot of money fomenting this garbage day after day, disrupting traffic, blocking bridges and assaulting police officers. None of these anarchists give a damn anout the slain black men. This is just a chance to commit violence and get away with it.











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  1. Pistol Pete

    The only difference between this bunch and the tens of thousands of women who’ve lost their children to black-on-black violence is these sows will make a lot of money suing white people,which is what it basically comes down to.
    Four mothers share pain of losing sons
    The fact their sons were in the act of committing crimes hardly makes a difference when fat lawsuits re involved.

    The mothers of these four unarmed black men and boys felled by bullets or excessive police force have no doubt their sons would still be alive if they were white. No question, they say.

    “I think absolutely my son’s race and the color of his skin had a lot to do with why he was shot and killed,” Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday. “In all of these cases, these victims were unarmed. These victims were African-American. That needs to be our conversation.”


  2. Pistol Pete

    CUNY Baruch professor accused of assaulting NYPD officers released on own recognizance

    this scum brought a bag of hammers to the protest and was booked on 13 counts of assault on a police officer among othe rthingsHe teaches youmg people whose parents spend a ot of money for that privelege.
    Eric Linsker, a 29-year-old from Brooklyn, was arrested and charged with assault of police officers, robbery, reckless endangerment, rioting and possession of marijuana. He was held at the 5th precinct in Lower Manhattan and then freed without bail following his arraignment in court Sunday.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Senator who cheated to get elected bemoans being thrown off the gravy train.BooHoo.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Cruz, Lee Win War with Harry Reid, Force Vote Against Executive Amnesty

    The GOP-e were furious that Lee and Cruz made them work Saturday when they wanted to get out of town.The Cromnibus bill that fully funds nearly all the government through October finally passed.Executive amnesty is only funded until Feb. 27 when the republicans had promised to defund it.I’m not holding my breath.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Police To Mayor De Blasio: Stay Away From Our Funerals
    The New York City Police are asking Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito to stay away from their funerals should they be killed in the line of duty.

    This comes after the Democratic mayor smeared the police after the Eric Garner grand jury decision.
    This should also apply to the ignorant wretch Jay Nixon,who pronounced Darren Wilson guilty before any evidence was in.

    “Due to Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Mark-Viverito’s consistent refusal to show police officers the support and respect they deserve, I believe that their attendance at the funeral of a fallen New York City police officer is an insult to that officer’s memory and sacrifice.”
    The far left mayor called the waiver by the police officers “incendiary rhetoric” but has yet to apologize for suggesting the New York police are racist.


  6. Pistol Pete

    Markale Hart Arrested In Shooting Death Of Auburn University Freshman Football Player Jakell Mitchell
    Don’t expect any outrage over this young mans murder.

    This is why:


  7. Pistol Pete

    Obamas to Travel to Hawaii Friday

    President Obama and his family will travel to Hawaii Friday to begin their annual pilgrimage to paradise, a departure the president is “eagerly looking forward to,” according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

    No word on how long they are staying, though they are almost certain to remain in the Aloha State though New Year’s.

    One thing is sure…we’ll all pay for it


  8. Pistol Pete

    Obama: “I Spend Most of My Time Watching ESPN in the Morning”

    Do you remember this line?
    Obama repeatedly promised he would not rest until everyone has a job who wants a job.
    Apparently he has nothing better to do.


  9. Pistol Pete

    OOPS: Man Who Made His Living Excusing Black Crime Gets Murdered By Two Black Thugs

    Bleeding heart liberal went jogging in a black hunting ground.Too bad.
    The tragic irony of his murder is that according to Colin Flaherty over atAmerican Thinker, David Ruenzel had made a living using the notion of white privilege to excuse any and all black crime:

    As a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of this favorite topics was rooting out racism. And how white racism is permanent. White racism is everywhere. And white racism explains everything.


  10. Pistol Pete

    Inconvenient Truth… Blacks Commit 25X More Violent Assaults Against Whites Than Whites Against Blacks
    I’m surprised it’s not higher.


  11. Pistol Pete

    Hawaii envisions presidential library on the beach

    Hawaii officials predicted Thursday that the prime 8-acre spot on a rocky shoreline between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu, combined with the state’s many tourists, would make the facility one of the nation’s most heavily visited presidential centers.
    Can you imagine what 8 acres of prime Hawaiian shoreline is worth?
    I have no doubt this is where he’ll squat so he can play golf every day.


  12. Pistol Pete

    ISIS Publishes Sex Slave Pamphlet – Approves Child Sex
    Take a look at whats coming to our childrens’ classroom to teach them to have more empathy for the peaceful religion of Islam.
    MEMRI posted the document.
    Here are a few of the published rules:
    “Question 10: If a man dies, what is the law regarding the female captive he owned?
    “Female captives are distributed as part of his estate, just as all [other parts] of his estate [are distributed]. However, they may only provide services, not intercourse, if a father or [one of the] sons has already had intercourse with them, or if several [people] inherit them in partnership.”

    “Question 13: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty?
    “It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse.”


  13. Pistol Pete

    Developing: Hostage Crisis Over, Three Dead Including Gunman

    Heavily armed police in Sydney stormed a cafe early Tuesday where an armed self-proclaimed sheikh had held hostages for more than 16 hours

    Islamic Terrorist Who Took Hostages in Australia Has Criminal Record of Murdering Ex-Wife, Rape, Etc.

    Meanwhile the media refuses to admit this had anything to do with Islam.
    According to FrontPage Magazine, Haron has a long criminal history that includes murder of his ex-wife, rape and other violent crimes. He’s also infamous for sending hate letters to the families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.


  14. Pistol Pete

    Protesters Chant “What Do We Want?… Dead Cops” At Sharpton’s NYC March

    Of course, the media will give this bunch a pass.
    After all, they’re not those violent Tea Party protesters.


  15. Jane Dough

    Pistol is en fuego today!


  16. Ting

    Hope you feel better, Pete. It’s been a crazy December so far.