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God Messes with Angelina Jolie Right After Granting Miracle

A couple of days ago, Angelina Jolie recorded a video message distributed by Universal Pictures to explain why she would be conspicuously absent from promotional events prior to the release of her movie Unbroken on Christmas Day. She was stricken with Chicken Pox, apparently, during this critical time in the weeks before the release of the movie marking her directorial debut – a time usually filled with numerous high-profile interviews and studio events.

Just days before, stories like this one by Chrissythehyphenated, circulated about a desperate prayer made by Jolie during the final day of filming in Australia. The prayer was made very publicly and on her knees in front of the entire film crew and cast on set. Reportedly, the prayer was answered, because the rain stopped and director Jolie received just the exact amount of sunlight she needed to complete filming, and no more.

Few religious people can count on receiving this kind of spectacular response to a publicly-made prayer, but Jolie is very openly irreligious. Though she has expressed recent willingness to believe in a universal benevolent power, she’s never admitted to belief in a personal God who would be able to hear – or respond to – human prayer. This has resulted in some friction at times with her famous father, actor Jon Voight, who is a devout Catholic and has even played Pope John Paul II on the big screen.

Though once estranged, Jolie is currently close to her father. I wonder how their conversations are going while she convalesces. Are they discussing God’s sense of humor? Or perhaps his capacity to remind us that we are not in control? It seems to me that as we speculate on the nature of God, we should not be surprised when he attempts to explain himself to us, even if he does it by taking away something we want very badly right after he gives us exactly what we need.


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Obama the Illiterate

Glass houses

On Tuesday, December 9, 2014, President Obama told us that “the good book says don’t throw stones at glass houses, or make sure we’re looking at the log in our eye before we are pointing out the mote in other folks eyes.”

What is it with this guy?  He’s got the first saying wrong, plus, oh wait, it’s NOT from the Bible.

The earliest known use of the idea is in Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘Troilus and Criseyde’ (1385), which would put it … oh … 1300 years after the last New Testament book was penned.

To his (very small) credit, the second part of his bumbling statement is kinda, sorta from the Bible.

“Why do you notice the splinter in your brother’s eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove that splinter from your eye,’ while the wooden beam is in your eye? You hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:3-5).

It’s a little hard to fathom how the “smartest man on the planet” managed to render Jesus’ teaching about “removing the log” (confessing and repenting of our sins) before presuming to “remove the splinter” (correct the sins of another) as,

“Make sure we’re looking at the log in our eye before we are pointing out the mote in other folks eyes.”

Of course, he can get away with any number of idiotic statements here on Earth, because his followers are all either complicit or illiterate. But this baloney isn’t going to fly with the Lord of the good book he so glibly mangles. Jesus introduced the log/splinter/eye thing with this chilling admonition:

“The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you” (Matthew 7:2).

Do outcomes matter


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This is my 4,000th post here!

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Jesus was crucified in 33 AD

3793 and 33 match Scriptures


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