Unbroken opens on Christmas Day


Reprinted from IJ Review:

While filming Unbroken in Australia, director Angelina Jolie needed sunlight for the very last scene of the movie, but the rain kept pouring down.

So she did something she learned from the film’s subject, Louis Zamperini. According to the Christian Post:

“She was not a person of faith and had never prayed before but she found herself at the very last scene of the movie … they needed sunlight to shoot this very important scene and there had been a storm that had been going for a while,” Zamperini’s daughter Cynthia Garris said at a press conference in New York.

“[Angelina] said ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do, so I’ll do what Louie would do.’ She got on her knees and she prayed for a miracle … everybody saw it,” she recalled. “It stopped raining. The sun came out, a rainbow came out, she said, ‘let’s get this take’ [and] they shot the take. When she said ‘cut,’ it started to rain again.”

Zamperini was an Olympic runner who became a prisoner of war during World War II. He endured torture by his Japanese captors and survived 47 days in a raft after his plane crashed in the Pacific.

The film tells his story — How, in his lowest moment, he turned to God and had his prayers answered. Before his death in July of 2014 he met with Jolie multiple times and testified about his faith. These conversations seem to have impacted the actress.

Zamperini’s daughter says:

I’ll tell you, when my father died we were all with him in the hospital. [Angelina] came about 45 minutes later and she was pointing above saying ‘I know he’s with us, I know he’s there with God.’


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