Purple Potatoes!

When I learned about resistant starch, we started keeping cold, boiled potatoes in a bowl in the fridge.  They are surprisingly tasty and so easy that they are our go-to choice for quick snacks.

We’ve been trying different types of ‘taters and quickly learned that smaller is better for cold, skin-on snacking.  After that, we found the small brown ones (early harvest baking potatoes) had bitter skins, so ick.  The small red ones (aka, new potatoes) were okay, but nowhere near as sweet and tasty as the little yellow ones.  These latter, which in our store are labeled Pee Wee Golds, quickly became our favorite.

Last week, David found small purples potatoes to try.  Oh my goodness, but are they delicious!  And the color didn’t blanche when I cooked them.  The skins are a dull grayish purple, but the insides are BRIGHT PURPLE, like Harold’s magical crayon. 🙂  Check out the GORGEOUS salad I just made.  Isn’t God so cool, making food nutritious AND delicious AND beautiful?!

2014_12 11 Purple potatoes

I googled to make sure the purple potatoes weren’t GMOs or something.  They’re not.  In fact, it turns out they are not just pretty and delicious.  They are also healthier for you than white ones!


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