Real guns in “toy camo”

This is beyond disturbing.

Real gun in toy camo

Posted: December 6 at Memphis Police Department facebook page – Be aware of REAL “toy guns”!  You won’t find these guns on an aisle at Toys R Us but you can obtain one after getting a background check. These guns LOOK fake but they are NOT.  Please share to make everyone aware that “toy guns” may not be a “toy” after all.  *These guns were not confiscated in Memphis, TN but we want our citizens to know that they do exist*

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2 responses to “Real guns in “toy camo”

  1. Ok, so what’s interesting, is that the one person on my facebook who doesn’t quite seem to be getting why this is a bad idea. . . is a progressive. (A Mormon, and a progressive. so. . ). Commenters agreeing that this is super-dumb are all rightward inclined.
    It’s . . . illustrative, I think. . . of something . . .


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Just a guess, but possibly illustrative of the fact that no Progressive Leader Talking Head has declared that Real Guns Disguised As Toys are an evil Republican plot.