Tea Party Tuesdays

2014_12 09 Booch Tuesdays

My SCOBY has grown so all I need to double my output is a second glass gallon jug (coming in the mail), five more bottles to decant into (got ’em) and space in my fermenting area (not a problem).

2014_12 09 First and second brew set up

For one cup of sugar and four tea bags, I get about $20 worth of live-culture kombucha.  Most commercial brands of kombucha are pasteurized, which kills the probiotics.  They taste the same, but aren’t as good for you.  GT’s brand is live-culture.  Look for it in the cooler section.  You may need to be of age to buy it, because it’s got a small amount of alcohol in it.

2014_12 09 My booch recipe

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