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Tea Party Tuesdays

2014_12 09 Booch Tuesdays

My SCOBY has grown so all I need to double my output is a second glass gallon jug (coming in the mail), five more bottles to decant into (got ’em) and space in my fermenting area (not a problem).

2014_12 09 First and second brew set up

For one cup of sugar and four tea bags, I get about $20 worth of live-culture kombucha.  Most commercial brands of kombucha are pasteurized, which kills the probiotics.  They taste the same, but aren’t as good for you.  GT’s brand is live-culture.  Look for it in the cooler section.  You may need to be of age to buy it, because it’s got a small amount of alcohol in it.

2014_12 09 My booch recipe

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So I’m sitting here watching C-span 3 featuring the Jonathan Goober ‘shove it up your ass, stupid’ show. So far every question put to him,particularly how much the federal government and the taxpayers paid him by a Republican has been answered by “you can check with my lawyer” while Eleanor Homey Snortin’ is busily apologizing for the poor, put-upon prick having to waste his time answering to the damn Republicans. He rather reminds me of the scene in Goodfellas where Henry Hill walks out of court and Deniro tells him”you give ’em nothin’ and they got nothin’.” Advice I’m sure he was given by Holder or one of his lackeys. Tell the committee nothing and they can’t do anything to you.

Meanwhile,Barry took over the Colbert Show last night just to show that besides inciting a full-blown race war, he can tell jokes,too. What does he care? He’s got two more years to do what he damn well pleases and nothing and nobody can stop him. It’s getting more difficult to get the holiday spirit with all the garbage being strewn about.




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