It’s doubtful any of us were here at the beginning. Of the 16 million who participated in that World War about one million remain. It was a different time. After trying to become directly involved in the world conflict,the Empire of Japan dragged us inexorably into that maelstrom. Back then,when we went into war we went to win. We were not as preoccupied with political correctness or considering the feelings of those who were trying to kill us. Had Obama been around then he doubtless would have been a zoot-suit-wearing draft dodger. It is to this country’s everlasting shame that he has as commander-in-chief became the most dangerous enemy of those with the balls to put on the uniform.

When we studied history the text stuck pretty much to the facts,as I recall. If it hasn’t happened already our future generations will be treated to the liberal view of events,no doubt blaming the Pearl Harbor attack on American imperialism and just not trying to understand the Japs who were killing us. They will be taught we had it coming and we got what we deserve. We were fortunate to have talked to people who lived through it. Younger people will not.

It was,as FDR famously stated “a day that will live in infamy.” It seems to be disintegrating into a day that will slip into anonymity. I know nobody comes around here on Sunday,it’s just something I feel I owed to my uncle Ron who fought in Europe and my last surviving uncle Roger,who served in Korea.


Obama declares National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
This day doesn’t live in as much infamy as it used to.
Today is the 73rd anniversary of Japan’s sneak attack on the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor, which killed 2,403 people, wounded 1,178 and took out 21 Navy ships.
But fewer people remember — and there’s less pomp surrounding the occasion.
President Obama issued a proclamation — on Friday — declaring Sunday as National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.
“The men and women of the Greatest Generation went to war and braved hardships to make the world safer, freer, and more just,” the proclamation says.
But the president is not expected to attend any ceremonies Sunday and has no public schedule. He also had no public schedule last Dec. 7.
In New York, flags will be flown at half-staff at government facilities.
But the ceremonies held every year are getting smaller. At the USS Intrepid, this year’s ceremony will include a wreath laying and remarks by Pearl Harbor survivors.
The low-key remembrance will be in contrast to 2011, the 70th anniversary of the attack, which included an overflight by two World War II-era propeller planes that dropped 70 roses over the Statue of Liberty.
Only 1 million of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II still live.

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  1. Thanks for putting together a Pearl Harbor post today, Pete! I was thinking about it, but didn’t get the chance. Good job!