The Garner Case: It’s not Black vs. White

RACISM The Left's one way street

Those screaming RAAACISM over the white NYPD cop who killed an unarmed black man by keeping him in a chokehold too long need to know two important true facts:

1. The NYPD sergeant supervising the incident was black.
2. At no time did this sergeant tell the white cop to release his chokehold.

Garner’s death clearly needs to be addressed more thoroughly than “the cop didn’t MEAN to kill him”, which is all the Grand Jury was asked to decide. But the family is pursuing a civil law suit and there are surely other PEACEFUL means by which police procedures can be reviewed and improved.

Black Lives Matter - unless they Republicans

My point is that yelling RAAACISM and protesting in the streets has never yet accomplished anything good, though it has clearly led to loss of property and even lives for those caught in the midst of it.

No Al Sharpton for these victims

In fact, vendors and race mongers are the only people I can see who have benefited in any way from the hype of faux racial “causes” like Tawana Brawley (the black “victim” lied), the Duke lacrosse gang rape case (the black “victim” lied), Trayvon Martin (the Hispanic, not white, shooter was acquitted), the Ferguson case (the white shooter was acquitted and Michael Brown did NOT have his hands up), and now the Garner case (the black supervising officer never intervened).

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Denver Police ask for prayers for Officer John Adsit and his family. He is in very critical condition after being hit by a car while working crowd control at a Ferguson protest today.