In Case You Missed it this Morning: Orion Test Launch was Flawless

This NASA photo shows the view from the Orion vehicle looking back at Earth during its flight toward a peak altitude of 3600 miles away from the planet.
Watch the video of the launch here:

The Daily Caller: NASA’s new Orion spacecraft successfully set out on its first maiden voyage shortly after 7 a.m. Friday, embarking on a test flight higher above the planet than any manned spacecraft has been in more than four decades. Orion did two orbits. The early dawn launch was executed flawlessly, launching NASA into what the agency described as “the beginning of the Mars era.”

Orion has so far performed all of its mission objectives, including jettisoning its emergency-abort system; firing its second rocket stage into an orbit and a peak altitude of 3,604 miles above the Earth (14 times higher than the International Space Station); separating from its crew module and the second stage of its Delta IV Heavy rocket; and passing through the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding Earth, testing the crew module’s resistance to heavy radiation the craft will experience on deep space missions. Read more at the Daily Caller.


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3 responses to “In Case You Missed it this Morning: Orion Test Launch was Flawless

  1. It was wonderful to see a positive step forward, after so many setbacks, political or otherwise. I am generally more sanguine, long-term, about private exploration than you, Grunt, but the more advances made from different sources, the better. Very glad this went well!


    • That’s ok, Zoph. I’ll be just as happy to see success from the commercial side as well.

      The only really critical thing I have to say about this morning’s launch (hard to believe, I know) is that it could have happened 2 years earlier if our beloved POTUS had not canceled this program and forced it to be reset in 2010 while it was on a trail of blazing success. There was really no other reason besides upsetting the boat so that it couldn’t be called “Bush’s success.” Now, it’s disgusting hearing Bolden crow about how visionary his boss is and how Orion is his baby. I need to go dig up his gut-wrenching, face-melting memo…

      Bolden: “The centuries-old dream of a human visit to Mars literally takes flight when NASA’s Orion spacecraft blasts off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on its first test flight — a major milestone in meeting President Obama’s bold challenge, supported by Congress, that America send humans to Mars by the 2030s.”

      Not to be confused with President Bush’s bold challenge, which would have sent humans to Mars by 2018 or so. Twelve years earlier. Using the same hardware he developed, that Barack is now taking credit for, that even has the same name as it did under Bush.


      • Yeah. The fact that PrezzO left us dependent on the effing Russians and cancelled this. . .. infuriating. And stupid. We shouldn’t be so dependent on any other country (and srsly, Russia?), and just for politics. And to make Muslims feel better about themselves.