Need some happy feelings? Take a walk!

Walk yourself out of a bad mood

I have some science to throw at hubby when he’s a grouch and I want him out of the house anyway. “Walk the dogs! You’ll feel better!” ::giggle::

An alternative for this homebound semi-cripple … I lay on my couch and invite my little poodle to get some “sugar” which means she stretches out on my belly while I give her a long, full body massage. I saw in a dog documentary that a good pet cuddle caused oxytocin to be released in both pet and human. Doing this makes us both feel wonderfully warm and lovey dovey, plus oxytocin is great for the immune system.


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3 responses to “Need some happy feelings? Take a walk!

  1. Reading this, I got a mental image of Barack laying on the floor with his paws in the air getting a tummy massage by members of the MSM and his oxytocin level going off the charts.