Tired … just tired

I wonder if this is how God feels about now?

DOG Tired just tired

The moronic #ShutItDown movement spread nationwide, from Providence, RI, and Boston to Ithaca, NY, to DC to Baltimore to Atlanta to Memphis and Nashville to Oakland to L.A. and beyond. Cuz nothing says “Justice and Peace” like blocking traffic.

2014_11 25 ShutItDown in LA

You KNOW each and every one of them would DEMAND their rights if anyone said boo to them.  Among the rights guaranteed by the Constitution is free travel. Remember “Ebola Nurse” who refused to self-quarantine and judges said she couldn’t be forced? Not that these dipshits know what the Constitution says.  They only care about the bits that get them what they want when they want it.

2014_11 25 Boston MC shut down by ShutItDown

They’d also be demanding FREE medical care for THEMSELVES. But stop SICK PEOPLE from getting to the ER?  Meh.

2014_11 25 ShutitDown blocks route to ped hospital RI

Why weren’t these idiots at home preparing for a nice day with their loved ones?

Oh wait. Maybe they don’t have any loved ones … you know, other than the dead thuggish and self-centered narcissistic celebrity type who aren’t coming for dinner anyway so let’s go PROTEST!

Cuz like … that’s never changed a darn thing for the better, but it sure is fun to feel important and you might maybe get on teevee or hook up with some of your old Occupy buds or sumpin.

Heckuva job our Prezzer did calming the nation. Not that he ever intended to calm anything. If it will promote hatred, division, and violence, he is SO there.


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