CtH reviews Free Birds – UPDATED

MOVIE Free Birds

Nov 19 … adding some images I found.

Free Birds turkeys


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  1. Whoa, thanks for that. I thought Pocahontas covered all the bases in depicting the blood lust, gold lust and lust lust of our white forebears. This looks worse. I particularly like the fact that these quasi-historical tales just merge the English and the Spanish into one murderous race. They all look the same, anyway, I know… In Pocahontas, the English wore Spanish armor and helmets and were there for gold, which of course was NOT the goal of those settlers. In FreeBirds, they had horses, which the English didn’t have at Plymouth. The Spanish brought those over, mostly. So sensitive these lefties are!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I am grateful someone warned me about Pocahontas. Ick.

      It is probably a sign of the times that the “Native American” turkeys were the ones with “Spanish” (faux Mexican?) accents. It rubbed me the wrong way because of the crap I’ve seen showing the Mayflower with a tag line about how the first immigrants were illegal too. Yeah, riiiiiiiiight. Cuz the migratory tribal natives who lived here back then were so organized that they had national borders and stuff. I’m sure you could find some libtards who would swear the Pilgrims landed at Ellis Island.

      The look of the alleged Pilgrims in Free Birds was more Wild West meets the Legend of Sleepy Hollow than anything. The black horses were very scary and Headless Horsemany, then there was the vicious hunting dog pack of slavering Irish wolf hounds. Funny … I don’t remember horses or wolf hounds on the Mayflower. So add in some Hound of the Baskervilles.

      The gun the evil white guy on the demonically scary black horse may have been correct. I’d have to, you know, watch the tripe again to find out, so not going to. Did find this which was interesting. I didn’t know they had rifles back then. I thought they still used muskets.


      1498 – Rifling principle is discovered.
      1509 – Invention of wheel lock (rose lock).

      The dynamite was fershure anachronistic, since it was invented by Alfred Nobel and patented in 1867.



      • That’s fascinating about the Mayflower wheel lock, CtH. Thanks! Helps to fill out some of my family history, too. My grandpaws and grandmaws go directly through Stephen and Constance Hopkins, both passengers on the Mayflower. So, like you, I have a small dog in this whole Pilgrims fight.

        That reminds me! In Pocahontas, there’s also a scene where John Smith is instructing a young man to shoot a match-lock, at a distance, through notch sites, with both eyes open. “You’ll see twice as well.” Of course, whoever wrote that had never fired a rifle before. That’s insanely wrong. They didn’t have any ex-Girl Scouts on the writing staff? Geez.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          Yoiks! And soooo cool you can trace back to Mayflower! I’m third gen across the board … both grandfathers were born here to Irish immigrant parents, grandmothers to German (Alsace) and English (and Episcopalian … the only non-mackerel snapper in the clan).


          • Very cool, Chrissy. I’m pretty much the same mix, but as it goes back older in the American lines it’s almost all English and Irish Protestant, with a mutt mix of Puritan, Quaker, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, etc. It was only in the last few generations that the mackerel snappers and cracker eaters polluted the whole family, but since they were the only non-dysfunctional part, they tended to dominate. 😉


  2. CtH- So these new pics from Free Birds you just put up, are those just the women pilgrims? They DO look rough! 😯

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