See You at Mardi Gras, Mary!

Current U.S. Senator from Louisiana Mary Landrieu has been criticized for spending all of her time in Washington, DC, hosting lavish parties at her palatial digs there, but her Democrat Party leadership now seems anxious to have her air-dropped back to Louisiana for good, despite the fact that she’s in a fight for her political life in next month’s run-off election for her Senate seat.

As Diogenes reports:

Yes friends, the Dems have decided Mary is not a good investment any longer. They tried, nobody can say they didn’t, but it makes no sense to throw good money after bad…and Mary Landrieu is soooo over. See you at Mardi Gras Mary!

Graphic from Earl of Taint.


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10 responses to “See You at Mardi Gras, Mary!

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Hope you don’t mind me correcting “marti” to “mardi” … I’m a little surprised bob didn’t already do it, since she also took French.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      From Diogenes: “It’s obvious this job gave her life purpose and meaning. Being Senator for her wasn’t a means to an end, it was the end. She came from money, a good family, the best of everything, but what did she accomplish? Apart from politics not much. But she was not just a good team player, she was the BEST team player! No better Senator for the Democratic Party than Mary Landrieu! Her home in DC (she uses her parent’s old La. homestead as her home of record – co-owned by her and her seven siblings) is fundraising central for the Dems. During campaign season not a week goes by without some function or another taking place at her “townhouse” (townhouse in this context being a multi-million dollar 7400 sq ft mansion). Yes indeed, she has been the Washington Democratic establishment’s best friend. Which makes it all the more heartbreaking that Chuck and Harry have abandoned her in HER hour of need.”


    • Not at all, Chrissy. Thanks for doing that, but I’m still a little confused about that. I know the common spelling is ‘Mardi,’ but Diogenes lives there, in LA and works in New Orleans, and she spelled it ‘Marti.’ Moreover, she grew up in Belgium speaking French. So I deferred to her. But she’s not always careful with the spelling, and she has the English as a 2nd language thing going on. It may be that she just confused the other usages of Marti in this case, so I’m good with your correction.

      Oh, and now I notice that she’s corrected her headline to Mardi. Never mind! Thanks for the correction, Chrissy!


    • I was tempted to correct it when I first saw it, but I stopped myself, because I thought maybe there was a reason for spelling it that way — some subtle humorous allusion or something that I’m too dense to grasp — so I let it stand.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    “I just felt like illustrating the moment Mary realizes her Dem Party parachute is a tote bag.” LOL … I didn’t get the whole joke before I read that. Excellent! LOL


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    That thing about her only real home being a $2.5 million manse in DC rubs me the wrong way in a big way. It’s not because it’s worth so much; as Dearest pointed out, that wouldn’t buy you all THAT much in DC and a Senator probably needs a place with large, gracious spaces on the ground floor for entertaining bigwigs and schmoozing donors.

    I think what bugs me is that have NO address in Louisiana displays a disconnection from her constituency and a gross sense of entitlement and hubris about her belief that that Senate seat would be hers for as long as she chose to squat in it.

    I can see where she got that sense of entitlement. She’s a Democrat from a powerful political family. Her daddy, Moon Landrieu, was once the mayor of New Orleans and then Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Her bro, Mitch Landrieu, was the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana and is now the Mayor of New Orleans.

    Mary was elected as a state representative (1980–1988). In 1988, she married realtor Frank Snellings and was elected state treasurer (1988–1996). They had two children. It seems highly likely they had a very nice home of their own before she won her first race for U.S. Senate in 1996. The Weekly Standard traced her addresses through 3 increasingly posh houses in DC. Since she was using her parents address to maintain LA residency, it also seems likely they sold their LA home.

    Hubbykins appears to have moved his realty business to DC; National Review recounts how many of his profitable realty clients have been lobbyists who stood to gain something from Senator Mary. Can we spell G.R.A.F.T.? SHEESH! It’ll be a real pleasure to see her LOSE in December.