Stay classy, you great big carers, you!

@KagroX (aka, David Waldman) scribbles for Daily Kos.

2014_11 13 Mocking Kraut

@KagroX wasn’t content with being a jerk just one time. He actually elaborated on his theme with:

  • “What is that thing on his shoulders? Is that a human head? Has it been pickled or something? Brined?”


  • Is he making a play to be an adviser on the next Wendy Davis campaign? What a jerk.
  • Can’t argue his intelligence, mock how he looks!
  • Tune in next week and see David Waldman give Greg Abbott a ‘swirlie’ and then steal Stephen Hawking’s lunch money.
  • People like Waldman ooze hatred and contempt for anything outside of their ideological sphere. Sadly, this is neither new nor all that surprising
  • Liberal ideological or Idiot-logical sphere? Same, same.

Leftist eugenics


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