Sandra Fluke is ALL about women’s rights. Right?

Uhhhhhhhhhh … not so much when it comes to paying her own female campaign workers.

Last Tuesday, Sandra Fluke lost her bid to be elected to the California State Senate. She campaigned hard on raising the minimum wage and on women getting a fair wage and free birth control.

But when a female campaign worker asked about getting paid for 108 hours of work, Sandra’s reply was the equivalent of “take it up with human resources.”

2014_11 12 Fluke blows off campaign worker

Tweeters were quick to call her out on her hypocrisy:

  • Just to be clear Sandra, you are paying 20.00 P/hr., correct?
  • And what about covering their birth control?
  • Please see the government for payment. Ms. Fluke does not pay her own bills.
  • LOL Of course you don’t pay your employees. You’re a hypocrite.
  • Dems much better at taking money from workers than paying them.
  • Pay them in Obamacare condoms.
  • Sandra Fluke may have suffered a setback, but she’ll be back on her back in no time.
  • When you count on the vagina and penis vote, you’re likely to get screwed.



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2 responses to “Sandra Fluke is ALL about women’s rights. Right?

  1. No big surprise there! Almost all Dem politicians are infamous for stiffing on the bills after lost elections. They consider it a “write off.” So much for the little people.


  2. Send her a box of these and tell her to go away.