The Shemitah and Satan’s Century

Last March, I published an article called “A Century of Trial” in which I explained about why I believe that God granted Satan a century of extra power to get ready for the End Times.  You can review this article @

Right now, I am reading “The Mystery of the Shemitah” by Jonathan Cahn, which is a sequel to his astonishing book “The Harbinger: the Ancient Mystery that holds the secret of America’s Future.” If you have not yet read these, I recommend you do so soon. In these books, Cahn provides compelling Biblical evidence of God’s involvement in world events and how He is warning us of the coming End Times.

I can’t get into all that he exposes in these books, because it’s too complicated. If you’ve read them, you’ll get something out of this blog. If not, maybe what I write here will inspire you to get his books and read them. They’re both shorter than they look (big fonts) and, because he repeats his basic points again and again (and again), they aren’t brain-busters to understand. If you’re impatient or not into reading, I’ve linked below to three YouTube video interviews with Cahn about his books.

I made an Excel file to list Shemitah years with Cahn’s analysis of the signs; then, I added some Catholic stuff and took a screenshot so I could post it here. The results are most intriguing, particularly in that I think they provide important evidence for when Satan’s century started and will end.  Click on graphic to embiggen.

1902 - 2022 Shemitah Years

Jonathan Cahn with Sid Roth Part 1: Harbinger the Warning [28:07]

Jonathan Cahn with Sid Roth Part 2: Harbinger the Shaking [28:46]

Jonathan Cahn with Sid Roth: The Mystery of the Shemitah [28:30]

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