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Discovery Channel Under Fire for Man-Eating Snake Stunt

According to The Guardian today, over 20,000 people have complained about an upcoming DiscoverTV show (December 7) in which Paul Rosolie dons a “snake-proof suit” and allows himself to be eaten alive by a large anaconda snake.
Eaten Alive Sneak Peek | Sun Dec 7 9/8c on Discovery
The Discovery channel has assured viewers that the snake is not harmed in the stunt, but the volume of complaints has prompted them to make an official statement due shortly, possibly involving pulling the show.

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Graduates of Dr. Evil Medical School Really Are Running the World

Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Iriana Widodo, Park Geun-hye

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As a long-suffering Bears fan, what the Packers did to them last night is reminiscient of what the GOP did to the libs last Tuesday. With the score 42-0 at halftime it was all over but the bloodletting.








Repudation Blues


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Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

Founded: November 10, 1775
2014_11 05 Election Day by Terrell
2014_11 05 New Vets in Congress

I was going to do a post on this,but Warrior Mom beat me to it!
This tribute to the Marines was recorded by Madison Rising 3 days ago.I think you’ll enjoy it.

Watch a precision drill team thats been honed to a razors edge:

I pray that one day they will once again be led by a commander worthy of their heart, skill, sense of honor, their sheer courage and discipline.


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Today’s New Canning Experience

Glutathione for thyroid and immune

I’m going to try canning grapefruit today. I don’t like eating it raw or commercially canned, but maybe if I make my own syrup to suit my tastes, hubby and I will both be willing to actually eat it … instead of buying it with the best of intentions then letting it get all dried out because it’s such a nuisance to eat. This video makes the prep look fairly easy.

Instructions @ http://www.granny-miller.com/how-to-can-grapefruit-or-orange-sections/

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