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Where was Bill? Where was Mary?!

Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu is facing a runoff election on Dec. 6 against Republican Dr. Bill Cassidy. Her hopes are so slim, the national Dems have pulled their funding and ads.

On Thursday, Landrieu tried to gain some traction at a press conference in front of a Veterans Affairs medical facility, where she yammered about how she got federal money for Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, while Cassidy allegedly didn’t lift a finger to help Louisianans.

Standing in front of a VA Medical Center construction site, Landrieu called Cassidy “wishy-washy, unreliable, undependable, not sure who he is, not sure who he was and not sure who he wants to be.”  Landrieu followed up her finger wagging with a hashtag campaign #WhereWasBill.

Cassidy responded:

2014_11 06 Where was Bill tweet and reply

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Bill Cassidy led a group of health care volunteers to convert an abandoned K-Mart building into an emergency health care facility, providing basic health care to victims of the natural disaster.

We had no way to predict what people coming out of New Orleans were going to need. My physician group didn’t have emergency preparedness responsibilities, so we made a lot of this stuff up as we went along.

The old K Mart we were to use had been abandoned for about eight years. It was filthy. There was no electricity, no air conditioning and no windows.

We had doctors and nurses step up to design the facility. I asked my friend the insurance guy to be the volunteer coordinator because insurance guys always know everyone. Around 150 people from two churches showed up with mops and brooms to help clean. An electrician got the power up in 24 hours. We created four to five wards holding 30 cots each.

Trucks arrived with $5 million worth of medical supplies, but no packing lists were included. We had I.V. bags but no poles. We had cots but no crash cart. Our volunteers found EKG machines, printers–someone even got a new Honda delivered. Physicians showed up from as far away as Iowa. By the time patients arrived, we had beds, lights, generators, computers and volunteers to play with children, provide transportation and reconnect families.

We saw fatigue, dehydration, emotional trauma and illnesses like diabetes and asthma made worse by the patients’ experience. The shelters wouldn’t take newborns, so we took mamas and their babies. It was the most amazing thing. We never got the volume we braced for, but we were ready–in 26 hours.

In 1998, Dr. Bill Cassidy helped found the Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic to provide uninsured residents of the greater Baton Rouge area with access to free health care. The Clinic provides low-income families free dental, medical, mental health and vision care through an innovative “virtual” approach that partners needy patients with doctors who provide care free of charge.

Landrieu is one of the most conservative Democrats in the Senate, at times opposing her party’s positions, yet she voted in support of President Obama’s positions 97% of the time in 2013, which should tell you all you need to know about what “conservative Democrat” means.

Landrieu has no LA home


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Sleeping with the enemy

This will put the fear of God into you. On November 6, 2014, the Wall Street Journal reported that President Obama secretly wrote a letter last month to Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei saying he wanted to link cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria to a nuclear deal.

2014_11 08 Obama's letter to Iran toon

Nov 8, 2014: Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman blasted Barack Obama today on America’s News HQ. The former Ambassador told Uma Pemmaraju Obama’s letter to Ayatollah Khamenei is shameful and “a letter of appeasement.”

“Israel is very upset and very surprised because that letter is really a letter of appeasement. It’s sleeping with the enemy the morning after sending him a love letter. And, as we know it it not the first time. It is probably the fourth communication between the president and the Iranian leadership. It totally disregards the fact that the recipient of that letter is a terror state which perpetrates, harbors, finances terror all over the world… To do this is a sign of weakness. The message it sends out to its allies, to America’s allies, especially to Israel is a message of weakness, of a weak America. And, the worse thing is the message it sends out to the Iranians is how eager the United States is to that deal. How eager the United States is to this evil, fundamentalist, cruel, extreme, cynical regime in Tehran… Neville Chamberlain… And what it says to America’s allies is they cannot rely on the United States and what it says to America’s enemies is that they can get away with murder… This is very dangerous… I think it’s a sign of desperation…”

Watch this incredible interview.

Former Israeli Ambassador Slams Obama for Secret Letter to Tehran [6:10]

Can it get any clearer that Obama was put in office to facilitate the End of Times?


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Obamacare architect brags about stupid Americans

Ocare architect brags about stupid Americans

VIDEO: Obamacare architect bragging about deceiving the American people

H/t GP

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It takes a lot to irritate Condi Rice,

but she’s had it with Democrats using insults and fear mongering.

2014_11 07 Condi Rice talks about race

Video embedded @ http://www.ijreview.com/2014/11/198557-takes-lot-rattle-condoleezza-rice/

2014_11 04 Tim Scott on NAACP


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