The BIG Question on Everyone’s Mind

Landrieu voted for ACA

Louisiana’s Senator (for now) Mary Landrieu faces a tough Dec. 6 runoff election against a guy who only came in 2 points behind her … when he had another Republican who took 12 points of the vote. So ummmmmmm … let me see … 12 – 2 = Landrieu go home?

On Wednesday, somebody tweeted something campaign-y on Landrieu’s campaign account. I say “somebody” because she’s apparently tweeting in the third person these days, which is either a sign that she has a mental illness involving delusions of royalty or else somebody besides her is using the account.  Come to think … it could also be a combination of the two.

The tweet racked up Zero Retweets, which is kinda weird, since she is still a U.S. Senator … sort of … and only one Favorite from someone named JJ the Purple Twitter Egg, which is kinda weird, cuz Purple Twitter Egg?

Never let it be said that Conservatives never did nothing for ol’ Mary. Once they discovered the lonely tweet by her schizo-royal-ness’ imaginary handmaiden, they boosted its circulations via some well-deserved mockery. My fave:

@MaryLandrieu It’s like you already don’t matter. A lot like that. As your attorney, my advice is to drink heavily.

The Big Question in everyone’s mind today is not whether or not Mary Landrieu has become irrelevant. It is WHO is JJ the Purple Twitter Egg and why did s/he Favorite Mary’s lame-o tweet?

  1. A highly empathetic tweeter who can’t bear to see anyone suffer from Twitter Egg-itis (zero favorites).
  2. The last intern left at DSCC headquarters making sure all the lights are turned out.
  3. Mary’s other imaginary court handmaiden.



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3 responses to “The BIG Question on Everyone’s Mind

  1. 29 senators who voted for Obamacare and won’t be part of new Senate

    Mary Landrieu could become number 30.

    When the 114th Congress passes a bill to repeal Obamacare, Democrats in Congress will have to think long and hard about whether they want to vote against repeal or in favor of repeal. Their vote will be remembered when it comes time for their next election. A vote against repeal is like an affirmative vote IN FAVOR OF OBAMACARE.

    If Landrieu loses the runoff, there will only be 30 Senators left in the Senate who voted in favor of cloture on the original Senate Obamacare bill. If all 30 of them continue to support Obamacare and vote against its repeal, but the others who were not there to vote in favor of the original Obamacare bill choose to vote in favor of repeal, then there could conceivably be 70 votes in the Senate for repeal. I haven’t analyzed the numbers in the House, but if those numbers are similar, here could conceivably be the 2/3 majority necessary in both houses of Congress to OVERRIDE Obama’s veto!

    Call me a dreamer, but I think it is possible (maybe not probable, but possible).

    Even if we fall short of repealing Obamacare, the vote itself is very important, as it puts all Democrats on record as being either for or against repeal of Obamacare, and makes Obama himself personally responsible for the continued existence of Obamacare… it would be dead but for Obama’s veto. And that makes every voter aware that if they want to repeal Obamacare, they need to elect a Republican President and keep a Republican House and Senate in the 2016 elections.

    Make Obama veto a repeal of Obamacare. Make it truly his baby. Make him OWN it!


  2. ———

    Obamacare: The Most Polarizing Legislation In The History Of Congress?



    • chrissythehyphenated

      Reid is delusional. You do not sweep out the trash because you want it to be more organized. You sweep it out because you want it GONE.