What we can expect from now until January 3

From the Fox News Email Update:

“In a perfunctory press conference held to face an almost taunting press corps, Obama tried to invalidate the outcome. The president suggested that there was no clear message from voters beyond, inexplicably, a perceived desire for his agenda to be implemented.

“The president’s refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of Tuesday’s result bodes ill indeed for the months to come. Republicans had hoped that a loss, especially one as large as this, would chasten the president on the use of executive action and open him up to compromise. The president’s message was that he intends to give little ground, previewing what could be a very raucous close to 2014 as Democrats prepare to hand over power in the Senate.

“Spending bills and other must-pass measures are likely to mingle with rushed appointments, including an expected clash over the appointment of a new attorney general in the Senate. And from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama will be preparing to launch his promised temporary amnesty for illegal immigrants. Washington shouldn’t plan on a very merry Christmas this year.

Obama made it clear in his post-election presser that he has zero intention of even listening to Republican ideas, much less working with us to implement them. Come January, we’ll be able to force stuff through even over his vetoes. Until then, we can expect this …

Obama Reid 3 Legged Race

Nov 5, 2014: Obama’s post-election presser featured a bold question from a reporter [1:36]

QUESTION: “You said you were going to end the hyper-partisanship in Washington, but you’ve made it worse. You’ve only met with the Senate Republican leader twice in the past six years. Was that a mistake?”

ANSWER: “We haven’t been able to get what’s discussed in leadership meetings through Congress to deliver a bill.”

Uhhhhhhhh … the question was about the LACK of said leadership meetings, dipshit.

From Fox News Email Update: “Fox News’s Ed Henry pointed out the obvious: ‘I haven’t heard you say a specific thing during this news conference that you would do differently.’  Obama restated his passive stance, saying it would be ‘premature’ to talk about changing personnel or policies.  NPR’s Scott Horsley gave a last try, asking Obama whether he saw ‘some shortcoming on your part’ because Democratic policies fared better than Democratic candidates. Obama replied in the conditional: ‘If the way we are talking about issues isn’t working, then I’m going to try some different things.’”

Here’s the key point: “If the way we are TALKING isn’t working, I’ll trying TALKING differently.” He has said this kind of thing before. “We haven’t been clear enough with our story.” He can’t conceive of the possibility that we understand his story perfectly well; we just don’t like it. It’s a common left-wing mental disorder; they’re right about everything, so if we disagree, it’s because we haven’t yet UNDERSTOOD them properly.

After Obama’s presser, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said, “In word and tone he refused to take responsibility or even express humility. He seemed to suggest the only ideas he’s willing to listen to are his own, old, failed ones. That’s the same my-way-or-the-highway approach that the American people rejected.”

Thank you Comrade Obama


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2 responses to “What we can expect from now until January 3

  1. “Republicans had hoped that a loss, especially one as large as this, would chasten the president on the use of executive action and open him up to compromise.”

    Really? Which Republicans? Did someone miss the past six years?

    Yes, this is the dangerous part, the next couple of months, and the next couple of years. The combined forces of Democrats and RINOs are still ‘way too numerous, too powerful.


  2. The part you highlighted above is funny. When I was a teenager, I used to try that exact same tactic on my mother — insisting, whenever she disagreed with me, that she just didn’t understand me. I refused to accept the fact that she understood me very well, but still thought I was wrong.

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