2014_11 04 Tim Scott

It’s the same ol’ same ol’. These people have nothing but hate to offer the world.

  • U.S Senator Designate Tim Scott #Republican of South Carolina to star in new reality show as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” part2
  • scott follows in the grand political tradition of other “uncle toms” like clarence thomas & herman cain
  • uncle tom Tim Scott cry for 1%,pity too stupid to grasp 30yrs of trickle down killed American Dream&hope of social mobility
  • Tim Scott Uncle Tom ass is back. UGH. I hate the world.

Scott was gracious. In a series of tweets, he said:

My skin color is talked about often. Tonight I want to talk about it for just a moment. In South Carolina, in America, it takes a generation to go from having a grandfather who is picking cotton, to a grandson in Congress. We are thankful for those trailblazers who came before us and said the status quo was not enough. I stand on the shoulders of giants. Our values and our issues are central. The most important things we have to offer are on the inside. This is the testament to progress made.


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  1. Two good posts, chrissy. I like the way you pulled together various material, much of it hidden down in comments.

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