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What we can expect from now until January 3

From the Fox News Email Update:

“In a perfunctory press conference held to face an almost taunting press corps, Obama tried to invalidate the outcome. The president suggested that there was no clear message from voters beyond, inexplicably, a perceived desire for his agenda to be implemented.

“The president’s refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of Tuesday’s result bodes ill indeed for the months to come. Republicans had hoped that a loss, especially one as large as this, would chasten the president on the use of executive action and open him up to compromise. The president’s message was that he intends to give little ground, previewing what could be a very raucous close to 2014 as Democrats prepare to hand over power in the Senate.

“Spending bills and other must-pass measures are likely to mingle with rushed appointments, including an expected clash over the appointment of a new attorney general in the Senate. And from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama will be preparing to launch his promised temporary amnesty for illegal immigrants. Washington shouldn’t plan on a very merry Christmas this year.

Obama made it clear in his post-election presser that he has zero intention of even listening to Republican ideas, much less working with us to implement them. Come January, we’ll be able to force stuff through even over his vetoes. Until then, we can expect this …

Obama Reid 3 Legged Race

Nov 5, 2014: Obama’s post-election presser featured a bold question from a reporter [1:36]

QUESTION: “You said you were going to end the hyper-partisanship in Washington, but you’ve made it worse. You’ve only met with the Senate Republican leader twice in the past six years. Was that a mistake?”

ANSWER: “We haven’t been able to get what’s discussed in leadership meetings through Congress to deliver a bill.”

Uhhhhhhhh … the question was about the LACK of said leadership meetings, dipshit.

From Fox News Email Update: “Fox News’s Ed Henry pointed out the obvious: ‘I haven’t heard you say a specific thing during this news conference that you would do differently.’  Obama restated his passive stance, saying it would be ‘premature’ to talk about changing personnel or policies.  NPR’s Scott Horsley gave a last try, asking Obama whether he saw ‘some shortcoming on your part’ because Democratic policies fared better than Democratic candidates. Obama replied in the conditional: ‘If the way we are talking about issues isn’t working, then I’m going to try some different things.’”

Here’s the key point: “If the way we are TALKING isn’t working, I’ll trying TALKING differently.” He has said this kind of thing before. “We haven’t been clear enough with our story.” He can’t conceive of the possibility that we understand his story perfectly well; we just don’t like it. It’s a common left-wing mental disorder; they’re right about everything, so if we disagree, it’s because we haven’t yet UNDERSTOOD them properly.

After Obama’s presser, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said, “In word and tone he refused to take responsibility or even express humility. He seemed to suggest the only ideas he’s willing to listen to are his own, old, failed ones. That’s the same my-way-or-the-highway approach that the American people rejected.”

Thank you Comrade Obama


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Russian Rocket Engines Blamed for Antares Explosion; Russian Sales Girls Blamed for Bonehead Decision to Use Russian Engines

This is not actually satire. Orbital Sciences Corp has determined that the cause of their Antares rocket explosion last week is closely tied to the turbo pumps in the refurbished 1960-vintage Russian AJ26 rocket engines used on the Antares vehicle.  As a result, they made a statement, reported in the Washington Times, that they would “likely” end use of the engines in their unmanned rockets currently used to resupply the International Space Station.

The decision to use the Russian engines in the first place has been continually controversial and marked by other failures.  In a 2012 interview, competitor Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, mocked the use of the old engine technology, calling it the “punch line to a joke.”  Orbital Sciences, however, is not the only American launch vehicle company to resort to using Russian rocket engines.  The United Launch Alliance’s workhorse rocket, the Atlas V, was designed from the ground up to specifically use Russian RD-180 engines, and that rocket will likely carry crews of astronauts.


Gross Mismanagement of American Rocket Science Beginning to Show?
The fact that so many U.S. launch programs have resorted to Russian engine technology is a giant red flag in an aerospace industry struggling to shrug off recent failures, political setbacks and accusations about the premature retirement of the Space Shuttle Program. The loss of the Shuttle, in particular, has forced the U.S. to bear the humiliation of being dependent on Russian launch vehicles for rides to the Space Station at a geopolitically hostile time.

The headline’s suggestion that Russian sales girls are responsible for these problems is tongue-in-cheek, of course, though vodka might have been a factor. I (the author) have worked on the Atlas V program alongside Russian rocket engineers, and I greatly admired their professionalism and skill. They are geniuses, every one. But aside from that, I don’t know how to explain the strategically inexcusable decisions that have made U.S. access to space totally dependent on Russian cooperation. This seemed a mistake when the first moves were being made in the 1990s, and it seems the full weight of those mistakes are becoming clear now. The U.S. is simply unprepared to supply all the affordable, dependable rocket engines it now needs, and that is due to catastrophic mismanagement and a drought of foresight. Fixing that will take some time.


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On Anniversary of Fort Hood, Barack Skips Another Chance to Heal America

But the representatives of the more than 120 Fort Hood terror attack victims and family did not. The following statement by attorneys Neal M. Sher and Reed D. Rubinstein on the 5 year anniversary of the 2nd worst (I think) terror attack on American soil comes from Hannity.com via Cardigan at iOTWr. It is reproduced in entirety below:
“Five years ago today, the terrorist Nidal Hasan yelled “Allah akbar” and, wearing the uniform of an U.S. Army major, began slaughtering Americans. Fourteen innocent people lost their lives and over fifty were injured. For five years, Hasan has bragged of committing this atrocity in the name of Islam to protect the Taliban.

Hasan’s victims saw their lives forever changed that terrible day. But the real tragedy of Fort Hood was that our government could have easily prevented their suffering. The U.S. Army and FBI had long known that Hasan was a jihadist with al-Qaeda connections and, simply by following their own standard policies and procedures, easily could have stopped him before anyone was hurt. Instead, because of what the Senate Homeland Committee’s investigation called “political correctness,” the government willfully averted its eyes to Hasan’s jihadism. Hasan should have been arrested. Instead, he was promoted and given other special privileges.

Incredibly, the government’s policies of political correctness and special privileges for Hasan continued even after his killing spree.

The day after the carnage, on November 6, 2009, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that U.S. authorities “were taking measures to quell anti-Islam sentiments” in the U.S. and that Hasan “does not, obviously, represent the Muslim faith.” On November 8, 2009, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey said on the Sunday talk shows that the “real tragedy” of Fort Hood would be damage to “diversity” policies and publicly warned against “guessing at Hasan’s motive,” though the government knew of Hasan’s jihadist motive from the start.

The special privileges for Hasan also continued. Pfc. Bradley Manning, who gave Wikileaks documents, was kept naked in an isolation cell and charged with aiding the enemy. But Hasan, who killed for the Taliban, was not similarly charged or confined. Instead, he was given uniquely comfortable accommodations and special food; permitted to wear a beard, a privilege denied loyal American soldiers; and allowed to give Al-Jazeera an interview praising anti-American “mujahadeen.”

Though the government went out of its way to coddle Hasan, it had no kindness for his victims. First, they were used as props in staged “mourning” ceremonies to benefit political leaders, then they were personally promised assistance by President Obama and top generals, and finally they were shoved down a memory hole. Hasan’s terrorism became “workplace violence,” meaning that those who survived the charnel house were denied support, benefits and mental health treatment. In some cases, soldiers were physically and mentally abused for requesting treatment of Fort Hood-related injuries.

Five years on, the government has done nothing to help the victims of Fort Hood. Congress recently passed bills to force the Department of Defense to at least consider awarding the Fort Hood soldiers the Purple Hearts that they deserve. But these bills, even if they become law, do nothing to make good the President’s promises to family members that “the government will make you whole.”

Now, from our new Congress, we call and hope for action. First, we ask for equity. Congress should provide similar benefits to the Fort Hood victims as it provided to the 9/11 Pentagon victims. The government should not be allowed to dodge its culpability.

Second, we ask Congress hold oversight hearings to investigate and hold accountable the Department of Defense and the White House for their post-attack policies, conduct and abuse.

Political correctness caused multiple deaths at Fort Hood and mass child abuse in Rotherham, England. Yet the fundamental evil of political correctness, beyond even the body count, is the damage done to the public’s faith in our leaders. The officials who call Fort Hood “workplace violence” also say that “ISIS is not Islamic.” Who can, or should, believe them?

The victims of Fort Hood have heard many expressions of sympathy and promises of help from the President, the Chief of Staff and powerful Senators. But there has been no aid and no action. The time for answers, for action and for justice has long passed.


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Starting this post a little early and I’ll have to cut it short. I’m asking Grunt and Mindful,my new running buddies, to pitch in and help out. I have a very special luncheon today.
You all know about DD, RJ Pistol’s mom and her family. What you probably didn’t know is I have another daughter. Growing up I wasn’t a very good father and that’s something I’ll pay for as long as I live. The problem is she’s as stubborn as I am and neither one of us would budge.
Recall me telling you about the bonfire at DD’s about three weeks ago. She called and said my other daughter might be there with her new boyfriend. Aside from a few words with her at DD’s second wedding I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in almost 20 years. It’s way too long a story. Anyway,she was there and I had a chance to talk to her for about 20 minutes.
She seemed receptive to re-establishing contact,so I told her I’d call her to get together for lunch. She’d finally accepted my friend request on FB and I’ve enjoyed watching her posts. She’s a mom and a career woman.
She said when you get right down to it all you have is family. There’s so much I want to tell her about who I really am,where she came from,her grandma and great-grandparents,family she’s never heard about. It’s very important to me because given my health I don’t think I have a lot of time left.



I’ll carry this with me for whatever time I have left. I wasn’t even invited to her wedding. Hopefully I can change some of that.


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Obama’s take on the election

November 5, 2014: President Obama held a post-election presser. I can’t stand listening to him, but I read about it at Twitchy. 🙂 Here’s the gist of what they said he said:

“To everyone who voted, I want you to know…I hear you. To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate…I hear you, too.” —Obama

And here are some Twittery replies:

  • No, President Obama is not going to take the blame for this election.
  • It’s down to lazy voters.
  • I came out of my coma for THIS?
  • Shorter Obama: Sour grapes.
  • We are disappointing him. Again.
  • Val had to talk him off the ledge and medicate him just to make him presentable to his “subjects” today.
  • It wasn’t a truly “national election” cuz as Obama said, “I’m the guy whose elected by everybody, not just one state.”
  • What a jerk.
  • That’s him in a nutshell.
  • But…but…he’s the most intelligent man that ever lived.
  • He’s a legend in his own mind at any rate.

2014_11 Obama the Boring

  • Obama’s post-election presser was brought to you by the letter “B” — for BORING.
  • Why is Obama known as a Great Orator? Boring as hell while rewriting history.
  • President Obama sounds bored with his own talking points.
  • My mom is taking a nap and she told me to leave it on the channel Obama is speaking on because he’s boring.
  • If he seamlessly started explaining how to change the toner cartridge on a xerox machine, would anyone notice?
  • I had to stab myself in the leg with a fork to stay awake during that answer.
  • Obama helped the economy today! During his boring spiel I did some online shopping.
  • Obama has repeated the phrase “get stuff done” a few times
  • Oh … THAT’s really presidential.
  • You’ll have to excuse Valerie Jarrett’s lil Bammy ‘Bam ‘Bam today… he’s a wee bit flustered after the epic drubbing he got from sea-to-shining-sea yesterday.

Obama Goes Off on Reporter Major Garrett for asking a substantive question

Obama does have his sycophants like the lapdog journo who let him say he loves campaigning, shaking hands, and hugging people.

  • He loves campaigning. For once, he’s being honest.
  • He left off golfing.
  • Is it just me or does that sound like a dating site profile?
  • Obama “loves campaigning” because he is a jealous god requiring much worship.
  • He should be running campaigns instead of running the country into the ground.
  • We should definitely have elected him president so he could ENJOY himself.
  • He and Mooch told the Olympic Committee to site the games in Chicago cuz they lived there.
  • This is true.

And Geraldo Rivera, who tweeted: “Deserted by Latinos, blacks and his feckless lazy Millennial supporters, President O got his ass kicked by millions of angry old white folk.”

2014_11 05 Without lies D is nothing



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2014_11 04 Tim Scott

It’s the same ol’ same ol’. These people have nothing but hate to offer the world.

  • U.S Senator Designate Tim Scott #Republican of South Carolina to star in new reality show as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” part2
  • scott follows in the grand political tradition of other “uncle toms” like clarence thomas & herman cain
  • uncle tom Tim Scott cry for 1%,pity too stupid to grasp 30yrs of trickle down killed American Dream&hope of social mobility
  • Tim Scott Uncle Tom ass is back. UGH. I hate the world.

Scott was gracious. In a series of tweets, he said:

My skin color is talked about often. Tonight I want to talk about it for just a moment. In South Carolina, in America, it takes a generation to go from having a grandfather who is picking cotton, to a grandson in Congress. We are thankful for those trailblazers who came before us and said the status quo was not enough. I stand on the shoulders of giants. Our values and our issues are central. The most important things we have to offer are on the inside. This is the testament to progress made.


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