Just wow. I don’t even know where to start. I’ll try not to spend a lot of time on some of yeterday’s races because you all are politically astute enough to know without anybody telling you. I do,as always,have a bunch of opinions that I’ll try to share with you.

What happened to the polls? How biased are they? They were touting a half-dozen races that were supposedly too close to call. We’d been hearing the phony independent Greg Orman was going to defeat Pat Roberts in Kansas. Fortunately republican voters are smarter than that. Roberts won by eleven points.

Braley was supposedly tied with Joni Ernst. She whipped him by 8.

Michelle Nunn was supposedly going to beat Tom Cotton or at least force a January runoff. Cotton got 53%.

There may be a runoff as Ed Gillespie is neck and neck with favorite Mark Warner. He’d been given virtually no chance to win.

The three ladies I featured yesterday, Elyse Stefanik, Mia Love, and Joni Ernst ALL WON!

Right now Rush is talking about the #1 target of unions who they can’t defeat despite three tries in four years,Scott Walker,Wisconsin’s governor. Again,the polls showed the race was very close. All the democrat big guns including the Klintoons were there to whip up the rabble. All Walker did was do his job without whining or complaining. I hope he runs in 2016. (BoB- you need to share him with us,lady.)

The republicans were not elected to change the tone in DC. They weren’t elected to work with Obama to get things done. They were elected to STOP OBAMA! People are still seething about having Obamacare shoved down their throats. They bristle at the thought of this lop-eared cur granting executive amnesty to millions of illegal cockroaches. If they misinterpret why they’re there they will be gone in two years.

Liberals are whining that this election was an anti-incumbent election. They lost the governorships in Massachusetts,Maryland and Illinois. No,this was an anti-DEMOCRAT election. Calls have already started to ‘work together’ with the democrats who’ve been crapping all over them for six years. Funny how it only works one way.

The Clown Prince has called a presser for 2:50 EST today. Coincidentally,that’s the exact time Have Gun Will Travel comes on the Encore Western Channel. Pity. He’s also called the leaders of both parties to the Spite House Friday. The media will say it’s to tell them they all need to work together.

Bullshit. Obama doesn’t want to work with either party at this point. He don’t think he needs them to do whatever he wants to do. It will be more difficult now that Reid can’t protect his ass by stopping any bills from getting a vote in the Senate. He may even have to sign a few of them. But he’s dead set on making amnesty part of his legacy.

The people didn’t want Obamacare,they don’t want amnesty. That’s why yesterday happened.







Mrs. Greenspan ain’t feelin’ it






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  1. Pistol Pete

    Why Republicans Should Enjoy This Wave While They Can

    So, yes, the Obama coalition is fraying. Obama did far worse among almost all demographics in 2012 than he did in 2008. There is little evidence that Obama voters will ever turnout for another Democrat at the same rate they did for Obama.

    But the 2014 Republican wave has every likelihood of receding by 2016 as the 2010 wave did by 2014. If they are going to win in 2016, they are going to need a much better candidate than the one they fielded in 2012.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Election 2014 firsts

    A historic night, from first female veteran elected to Senate to first black senator elected in South since Reconstruction
    For the first time since 2006, Republicans on Tuesday took control of the U.S. Senate, with the GOP gaining at least seven seats to retake the majority. Republicans also expanded the party’s majority in the House, where the GOP will have the most seats since the Truman administration.

    But there were plenty of other firsts on Election night. From the first female veteran voted into the Senate to the first black senator elected in the South since Reconstruction, it was a historic night. Below, some of the most notable firsts.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Ed Schultz on Scott Walker Victory: Unprecedented To Win 3 Elections in 4 Years, ‘This Clearly Will Put Him in the National Spotlight’


  4. Pistol Pete

    Obama Is Already Calling A Big Bipartisan Meeting At The White House For Friday

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama has invited Republican and Democratic leaders from both houses of Congress to a meeting at the White House on Friday, a White House official said.

    The meeting will come in the aftermath of the midterm elections on Tuesday, which could shift control of the U.S. Senate to Republicans from Democrats.“The president has invited bipartisan, bicameral congressional leaders to a meeting at the White House on Friday afternoon,” the official said on Tuesday. “We’ll have more details later this week.”



  5. Pistol Pete

    Obama: ‘Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother’
    The failure of some presidencies can be encapsulated in a phrase. Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook” was one of them. Barack Obama provided us with another when he threatened a Congressman who was reluctant to vote for Obamacare with the taunt, “Don’t think we’re not keeping score, brother.”

    And with that phrase Barack Obama laid bare the fundamental problem of his presidency: the idea that loyalty to Barack Obama trumped loyalty to American voters.
    But, try as they might, they could not hide from their shameful histories and records.

    They were sitting ducks before they became lame ducks. They were trapped, as Marc Thiessen wrote in Democrats can’t escape Obama.

    They were trapped by Obama and his need for people to bend to his will — his aspiration to dominate.

    Barack Obama’s ego and narcissism — his most dominant character traits (flaws, that is) would brook no opposition. Democrats had to vote in favor of all his policies or face retribution. This is what happens when a bully is president



  6. Great post, Pete.

    Is it just great minds thinking alike, or did you catch the opening on Rush today? ‘Cause first thing he did was play Catch a Wave! Milady and I were grinning as we drove into town listening to it.


  7. Pistol Pete

    MSNBC slams Grimes’ concession speech as ungracious

    Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic challenger in Kentucky’s Senate race, lost by a wide margin to incumbent Mitch McConnell in what was once thought would be a close race. Grimes, it seems, thought the race would be tighter, too: In her concession speech, she appeared frustrated and shellshocked, and she failed to actually concede — or even mention McConnell by name.


    What a graceless pack of mongrels democrats are.Here in my state,Pat Quinn lost handily to businessman Bruce Rauner,but refuses to concede until all absentee ballots are counted,even though there would not be enough even if he won every vote.
    At his headquarters he screamed:’the government of many will not yield to the government of money!’
    What an ass.


  8. After Republicans win, win, win,
    Dems and the Media spin, spin, spin

    Geraldo “Capone’s Vault” Rivery: “Deserted by Latinos, blacks and his feckless lazy Millennial supporters, President O got his ass kicked by millions of angry old white folk”
    c/o Truth Revolt


  9. Pistol Pete

    100% of Newly Elected GOP Senators Campaigned on Repealing Obamacare

    Every new GOP senator who won in last night’s election campaigned on repealing Obamacare.

    Senators Cory Gardner (R-Colo.), David Perdue (R-Ga.), Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), James Lankford (R-Okla.), Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.), and Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) all ran on a platform of repealing Obamacare.


  10. After Republicans win, win, win,
    Dems and the Media spin, spin, spin

    Maddow’s blog then claims the election was a fluke, and that it’s not a ‘secret’ that conservative policies ‘do not enjoy broad national support.’ Somehow, according to the piece, Republicans won by ‘obscuring’ its ‘unpopular ideas.’

    In other words, this election was simply not a repudiation of liberal Democrats’ ideas, and certainly not a repudiation of President Obama.

    c/o Pundit Press


    • Pistol Pete

      You can expect no less from a sexually frustrated warthog.
      What a steaming pantload;bozo just now said Congress will pass some bills he will not sign and he’ll do some things they don’t like.He said thats how our system of government works.No,thats how a tyranny works.I tried,i just can’t watch this drek anymore.


  11. Pistol Pete


    Two card-carrying members of the permanent mainstream media class in D.C. had to concede on Tuesday that President Obama would be flipping off America if he enacts his planned executive amnesty after Democrats got shellacked in the midterms.
    What,exactly,do they think he’s been doing for the last six years??


  12. Pistol Pete

    Reid to Mitch McConnell: Americans Want Us to ‘Work Together’
    Reid said, “I’d like to congratulate Sen. McConnell, who will be the new Senate Majority Leader. The message from voters is clear: They want us to work together. I look forward to working with Sen. McConnell to get things done for the middle class.”
    Hey,Harry:fold it five ways and shove it where the sun don’t shine,you repulsive little maggot.



  13. Pistol Pete

    Brit Hume: ‘This Was a Night When The Chickens Came Home to Roost’


  14. Watching the SCOAMF on TV. Besides telling Congress we have to work together now, because SUDDENLY, elections must not have consequences, he can’t stop talking about how hard he intends to work to make America work better. Hilarious. Is there any journo in the room who doesn’t know he’s going to be on the golf course in 20 minutes?


    • Pistol Pete

      I managed to listen to his lies for all of about 30 seconds before I couldn’t take it anymore.Don’t they ever get tired of being lied to?


  15. Pistol Pete

    Brain Dead Dem Voters In Washington State Elect Dead Man…
    <img src="Rep-Roger-Freeman” alt=”” />
    Normally its the dead who vote for live dems…not the other way around.
    The incumbent Democratic state Rep. Roger Freeman — one of two black representatives in the state legislature — died at the end of October at the age of 48. Around 15 percent of the district’s voters had already mailed in their ballots, and at the end of Election night he had a six-point-lead over his Republican opponent, Jack Dovey.

    The death was so recent that most voters were simply unaware that it had happened, and voted for the incumbent or on a party line. Local news station KVAL spoke to one such person on Tuesday night.

    Voter Steven Hinz cast a ballot for Freeman because he didn’t know the candidate had died.


    • I thought the “brain dead voters” headline was a little unfair, unless I’m missing something. Not that they aren’t, but that it’s understandable, regardless, that someone who dies just before the election should garner a lot of votes — especially the early votes.

      But it does illustrate another reason to discourage early voting. Also, things like the news about who was working with the IRS to suppress conservatives, which news came out on election morning.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      The Democrats in my district re-elected a comatose judge one year.


      • Pistol Pete

        I remember once when the democrats wheeled the late Robert ‘Sheets’ Byrd into the Senate on a hospital bed to cast a vote on a piece of legislation.Thats some desperation,there.

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  16. Pistol Pete

    Konni Burton, Tea Party Activist, Takes Back Wendy Davis’ State Senate Seat

    “In Tarrant County, we replaced one of the most radical liberals in Texas with a conservative voice,” Burton told supporters.

    This was a multimillion dollar race, with money pouring in from groups outside Tarrant County, including the Democratic field operation Battleground Texas and conservative super PACs.

    For Burton, this wasn’t a night to offer olive branches.

    “The people sent Battleground Texas and the Democrats packing,” Burton said.

    Clay Aiken’s Congressional Bid to Be Esquire Docuseries

    if you’re a terrible,bad,awful,no-good candidate loser.you can still get a TV series


  17. Pistol Pete

    Sen. Ted Cruz: The Era of Obama Lawlessness is Over!
    This is one man who won’t play ball with the tyrant.This is a great speech.

    She won’t either


  18. Pistol Pete

    Obama reiterates pledge to act on immigration on his own by year’s end
    President Barack Obama is standing by his pledge to act on his own to reduce deportations and improve border security by the end of the year. Obama says he will take his own steps despite election results that gave Republicans control of Congress.


  19. Pistol Pete

    Democrats Sink to Pre–Great Depression Levels in State Legislatures
    Everything went in the direction of the GOP as Republicans seized new majorities in the West Virginia House, Nevada Assembly and Senate, New Hampshire House, Minnesota House and New York Senate, The West Virginia Senate is now tied.


  20. Pistol Pete

    EXCLUSIVE — Conservatives To GOP Leaders: Don’t You Dare Reverse The Nuclear Option
    <img src="U.S. Republican presidential hopeful John McCain addresses supporters in front of a Navy jet during a rally at the Virginia Aviation Museum in Richmond February 11, 2008.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque   (UNITED STATES)    US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN 2008 (USA) - RTR1WZCR” alt=”” />
    In a letter obtained first by The Daily Caller, about 20 conservative leaders are pleading with the GOP leadership in the Senate not to do away with the drastic rules put into place by Harry Reid in 2013.

    “The decision by Senator Reid and his Democratic colleagues to deploy the so-called ‘nuclear option’ was transparently designed to facilitate the confirmation of judicial nominees who would insulate Obamacare and other aspects of President Obama’s agenda from meaningful judicial review,” the letter reads. “Regardless of their motives, we see very little upside and significant downside in reviving the judicial filibuster.”

    In 2013, Senate Democrats — led by Reid, the Senate majority leader — took the drastic step of changing the body’s rules to prevent the minority party from being able to filibuster most of the president’s nominees.

    Anybody taking bets?


  21. Spin, spin, spin # (where was I?) #4

    Not sure if this is really spin. It’s outright reversing the message, without any nuance, so it’s either pure lying or pure insanity.

    “Following the shellacking that voters handed gun control candidates on November 4, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts emerged to say that her group has ‘the momentum’ and their push for control will continue.”


  22. Spin, spin, spin #5

    Of course, we all know that DemocRats are the only ones that support women and minorities. If one is a Republican, one cannot be a real [insert identity group here], just a “token,” used by the evil rich white man.

    Pundit Press has some examples of what some members of the Party of the Prince of Lies have to say about Mia Love. Token, of course. Aunt Tom. (???) And worse.


  23. Spin etc #6

    I hate to even mention this guy because, as Dan Butcher at Pundit Press says, “This guy gives Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) a run for the money on who makes the craziest statements.”

    Rangel: “I meant that they used to call themselves ‘slave-holding states.’ They’ve been frustrated with the Emancipation Proclamation. They became Republicans, then Tea party people.”

    Like that racist, slavery-supporting Tim Scott, right?


  24. Spin, #7 c/o Weasel Zippers

    And just what has Donna Brazile been smoking to say that the reason the Republicans got elected was because voters were stoned?

    Actually, there may be something to that, now that I think about it. She means Democrats who meant to vote Dem…

    In my potheadiest days, I could never be that stoned. But, they say, the stuff is 20x stronger nowadays. Yeah, sure. That must be it.


  25. Spin #8, The Hill, c/o Weasel Zippers

    Oh, maybe it wasn’t that they were stoned. Maybe they were just stupid and Republicans are so slick and deceptive. Because, obviously, nobody with a clear, intelligent mind would ever vote Republican!

    Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, said that voters headed to the polls with major concerns about their economic health. Republicans delivered a strong economic message, he said, and Democrats didn’t. […]

    “They may have been duped into voting for people who won’t give them that,” he said.


  26. Spin #9, c/o Weasel Zippers whom I’m mining pretty heavily today!

    We all know who the real victor of Tuesday’s elections was: HILLARY!

    (This is surreal.)


  27. I may have to stop doing this. I started out with four “spin” items, and I’m up to #10. And I could probably go on ’til 2016!

    Tom Brokaw has it all figure out. It’s not stupidity or stoned or slavery. It’s Xenophobia! “He suggested that Americans are shunning illegal immigrants because they are fearful of losing the America they’ve known.” Gotta admit, it’s not Xenophobia, but he’s half right. Americans would like to keep citizenship meaningful.

    CNS News, c/o Weasel Zippers


  28. Spin, supplemental:

    Tweeted by LifeNews
    c/o Kemberlee Kaye at Legal Insurrection
    (not Weasel Zippers!)


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Oh wow … Dan’s still got a chance?! FanTAStic.


      • chrissythehyphenated

        When Bongino hung up, both Burguiere and Gray were shocked.

        “We’ve had, what, a thousand politicians on the air? There’s never been one that’s told us not to donate money,” Burguiere said.

        “To turn down donating money!” Gray added. “But see, that’s the kind of guy Dan is, and that’s why we love the guy.”


  29. Washington Free Beacon scores again with a look back at the pathetic (and totally wrong) Regressive spinmeisters before, and right into, the election. c/o Chicks on the Right


  30. That Major Garrett and his question. The nerve of some people.