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Left’s Spin: An Election About Nothing

ejection day

The buzz words the LSM has apparently agreed on is that this was a “Seinfeld election” (Seinfeld show’s premise was “a show about nothing.”)  President Obama said it wasn’t a “true national election.” Ooooooooooooookay. Funny how after Obama won a single primary, it was “the day the oceans began to recede.”

2014_11 04 Chris Matthews pouts Bush laughs

I guess when you vote with your little brains instead of your big brains, you can actually believe people like Joe Biden and Chris Matthews are wise and truthful prognosticators of reality.

2014_11 Biden says Dems would hold Senate

Far from being a nothing election, some of Tuesday’s wins were actually historic. Come January 2015, the GOP will have the most seats since the Truman administration. In those seats will be the first female war veteran ever elected, Iowa’s and West Virginia’s first female Senators, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, the first Black Republican woman ever elected to Congress, and the first Black Senator elected in the South since Reconstruction. Odd how they’re all Republicans, what with, you know, Democrats being soooooo all about advancing Blacks and Wimmin. Or something.

GOP old white men

Dems famously opined in January 2007 that NOW they would have a chance to GOVERN. Well, they’ve proved they can’t and in the process lost their traditional guilt-and-hate-hold on voters-with-brains.  Dem candidates, like Mark Udall, Wendy Davis and Sandra Fluke, who all got a lot of positive MSM national press for their Uterine Campaigns ALL LOST. And when Democrat Martha Coakely prefaced a debate question to her opponent Republican Tom Reed with, “As part of the war on women,” the studio audience spontaneously burst into LAUGHTER.

Even Billary lost big!  According to the left-leaning Politico, Bill and Hillary Clinton were the most sought-after campaigners this election season.  “In the final weeks of the campaign, nearly every endangered Democrat brought [Bill and Hillary Clinton] along on the stump – from Kay Hagan in North Carolina to Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, Mark Udall in Colorado to Mark Pryor in Arkansas. But it was an overwhelming wipeout — of the Clinton-backed candidates in the closest Senate races, only [Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.] hung on.”

2014_11 04 Hillary's Losers

According to Harry Reid, “The message from voters is clear: they want us to work together. I look forward to working with Senator McConnell to get things done for the middle class.”  Scott Ott at PJ Media wrote:

No, Senator Reid. Americans don’t want Washington to “work together” to “get things done.”

If Americans were tired of divisiveness in D.C., and frustrated with the failure to work together to pass legislation, Democrats would have swept Tuesday’s midterm elections. They did not.

If Americans wanted to get back to the good old days of the Clinton administration, they would have supported the candidates who Bill and Hillary backed. In the crucial Senate races in Georgia, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina (and others), they did not.

Americans would have returned Harry Reid to the Senate majority leader’s chair, with a filibuster-proof Democratic majority, if they yearned to…

pack the courts with abortion advocates, or
hold onto their Obamacare health plan, or
yield their children to compulsory Common Core curricula, or
slap down corporations through higher taxes, or
muzzle the voice of the Koch brothers, or
protect the bureaucrats who snoop on and target us, or
put that hinkle dreck Netanyahu in his place. (Apologies to my Pennsylvania Dutch and Jewish brethren.)

They did not do that, because they do not want that.

In Iowa, the Joni Ernst for Senate campaign caught fire when she implied she would castrate Democrats and their cronies in D.C. — figuratively, of course.

If America wanted nothing more than peace in the D.C. pigpen, Joni would be headed home.

Instead, Senator-elect Ernst is pulling on her Carhartts and snapping on the latex gloves.

2009_01 20 The day it became the Senate's full time job

As Pistol Pete put it … “The Republicans were not elected to change the tone in DC. They weren’t elected to work with Obama to get things done. They were elected to STOP OBAMA!”

Brit Hume: ‘This Was a Night When The Chickens Came Home to Roost’ [1:13]



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Pro-Lifers take the Senate!

Starting in January 2015, pro-life advocates will have control of both the House and Senate and a real opportunity to pass pro-life bills or put pro-life language into must-pass legislation. Instead of having Harry Reid covering his butt, President Obama will have to either sign pro-life bills or veto them and face the music.

Senator Tom Udall D-NM

Pro-Life Winners:

  • Alaska – Dan Sullivan
  • Arkansas – Tom Cotton
  • Colorado – Cory Gardner
  • Georgia – David Perdue
  • Iowa – Joni Ernst
  • Kansas – Pat Roberts
  • Kentucky – Mitch McConnell
  • Montana – Rep. Steve Daines
  • North Carolina – Thom Tillis
  • South Dakota – Mike Rounds
  • West Virginia – Shelley Moore Capito
    Identification of these candidates was made by LifeNews, not me.

This election of pro-life candidates is in line with American opinion. In March 2014, a new CNN poll was released showing 20% of Americans say abortion should ALWAYS be illegal and 38% saying MOST abortions should be illegal — i.e., 58% of Americans oppose all or virtually all abortions. Only 27% of Americans side with Planned Parenthood and President Barack Obama in saying abortions should always be legal at any time and for any reason. Another 13 percent say abortion should be legal in most cases.



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Just wow. I don’t even know where to start. I’ll try not to spend a lot of time on some of yeterday’s races because you all are politically astute enough to know without anybody telling you. I do,as always,have a bunch of opinions that I’ll try to share with you.

What happened to the polls? How biased are they? They were touting a half-dozen races that were supposedly too close to call. We’d been hearing the phony independent Greg Orman was going to defeat Pat Roberts in Kansas. Fortunately republican voters are smarter than that. Roberts won by eleven points.

Braley was supposedly tied with Joni Ernst. She whipped him by 8.

Michelle Nunn was supposedly going to beat Tom Cotton or at least force a January runoff. Cotton got 53%.

There may be a runoff as Ed Gillespie is neck and neck with favorite Mark Warner. He’d been given virtually no chance to win.

The three ladies I featured yesterday, Elyse Stefanik, Mia Love, and Joni Ernst ALL WON!

Right now Rush is talking about the #1 target of unions who they can’t defeat despite three tries in four years,Scott Walker,Wisconsin’s governor. Again,the polls showed the race was very close. All the democrat big guns including the Klintoons were there to whip up the rabble. All Walker did was do his job without whining or complaining. I hope he runs in 2016. (BoB- you need to share him with us,lady.)

The republicans were not elected to change the tone in DC. They weren’t elected to work with Obama to get things done. They were elected to STOP OBAMA! People are still seething about having Obamacare shoved down their throats. They bristle at the thought of this lop-eared cur granting executive amnesty to millions of illegal cockroaches. If they misinterpret why they’re there they will be gone in two years.

Liberals are whining that this election was an anti-incumbent election. They lost the governorships in Massachusetts,Maryland and Illinois. No,this was an anti-DEMOCRAT election. Calls have already started to ‘work together’ with the democrats who’ve been crapping all over them for six years. Funny how it only works one way.

The Clown Prince has called a presser for 2:50 EST today. Coincidentally,that’s the exact time Have Gun Will Travel comes on the Encore Western Channel. Pity. He’s also called the leaders of both parties to the Spite House Friday. The media will say it’s to tell them they all need to work together.

Bullshit. Obama doesn’t want to work with either party at this point. He don’t think he needs them to do whatever he wants to do. It will be more difficult now that Reid can’t protect his ass by stopping any bills from getting a vote in the Senate. He may even have to sign a few of them. But he’s dead set on making amnesty part of his legacy.

The people didn’t want Obamacare,they don’t want amnesty. That’s why yesterday happened.







Mrs. Greenspan ain’t feelin’ it






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Wendy Davis Campaign Workers Overload Austin Anger Management Network

Ok, not quite, but Chelsea Natividad should definitely get put on a firearm restriction list somewhere. Her Twitter account has mercifully been disabled, but unfortunately for her, Twitchy is forever.
And there’s more:


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The OTHER Obama Epidemic

A series of government researchers, health experts and academics refused to comment, or else urged self-censorship, when they were pressed by the Daily Caller for statistical and scientific data that would exonerate Obama and his deputies.

I would just steer away from that— it is not helpful, so why bring it up,” said Lone Simonsen, a professor at George Washington University’s Department of Global Health and the research director of the university’s Global Epidemiology Program. “A better angle [is] ‘We’re just learning what this outbreak is all about.

2014_11 05 EV D68 Epidemic


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Breaking News: Liberals Threatening to Leave Country Again; Things Must be Looking Up!


Ten Buck Friday was an astounding success! Thanks for being a part of it! Here’s the election low-down, from Proof-Positive:

We asked you to give of your time, your talent and your treasure to kick Harry Reid’s keister to the curb with eight different Senatorial candidates. Let’s see how well we’ve done as of this AM:

It looks like the GOP will take control of the US Senate in 2015. I fully expect them to pass a budget next year, as required by law, and ignored by Harry Reid and his Merry Band of Pranksters since 2009.

In New Hampshire, Scott Brown apparently lost by 1-2%, but has not conceded as of yet.

In Colorado, Cory Gardner beat Mark Uterus Udall handily.

In North Carolina, Thom Tillis has been declared the winner.

In Arkansas, Tom Cotton won by a substantial margin.

Joni Ernst castrated one more hog in Iowa, becoming the 6th and controlling majority vote in the Senate. (margins may increase between now and January.)

David Perdue took more than 50% of the vote in Georgia, avoiding a runoff. 57% last time I looked

In Alaska, the polls didn’t close until 1 AM Eastern. I will update this in the AM, or at first opportunity.

We fully expected there to be a run off in Louisiana that might not be decided until December. We were right. Bill Cassidy was leading Mary Landfill by 2%
Honorary Koch Brothers banner


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It’s Like He Knooooooooows.

Joe Biden


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Movie Recommend: Mom’s Night Out

Mom's Night Out

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Why America needs voter ID laws

Voter ID laws are the least intrusive way to ensure our elections are honest.

GA voter id law incr minority voting

WHY AMERICA NEEDS VOTER ID LAWS [8:38] < This is really good!

H/t bluebirdofbitterness

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