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Wellll…it seems like Barry has become as unpopular as a used car salesman to all but his most devoted,the homies who still have his picture on their mantle. He did an appearance in Connecticut where he was heckled by illegals for not signing amnesty yet. Of course,he blamed the republicans. Then in deep-blue Philadelphia,where fraud was so rampant two years ago,that a statistically-impossible 53 precincts didn’t record a single vote for Romney,they couldn’t fill half the gymnasium where Temple University plays. I have links to both these stories. Being the self-absorbed narcissist he is he likely blamed the sparse crowds on the unpopularity of the democrat he was stumping for. He has NO personal appearances planned for the last two days before the midterm,which comes as a relief to the democrats who are running from him so fast you’d think he wanted them to pay the dinner tab. It remains to be seen if he’s dumped enough turds in the punchbowl to doom any of his co-conspirators.













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  1. Pistol Pete

    Two Days Before Election, Obama Campaigns to Half-Empty Arena—in Philadelphia (Video)
    The Thrill Is Gone–
    President Barack Obama campaigned in Philadelphia on Sunday and was unable to fill a modest sized college basketball arena in the Democratic Party stronghold of Philadelphia.
    It was half empty.

    In a report on Fox News Sunday night, Ed Henry gave away the magician’s trick employed by organizers to mask the failure by Obama to attract a crowd two days before Tuesday’s mid-term elections: large black drapes hung from floor to ceiling across the middle of the 10,000 seat Liacouras Center at Temple University.


  2. This is what happens to you when you’re a reporter doing your job questioning this administration. See Sheryl Attkisson’s cell phone video of the gov’t deleting her interview prep files before her eyes at home.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Immigration Hecklers Interrupt Obama At Connecticut Campaign Rally

    In his final campaign swing, President Obama rallied voters Sunday in Connecticut and Pennsylvania for Democratic gubernatorial candidates, but his first rally of the day was interrupted several times by protesters demanding more lenient immigration policies.
    “The Republicans are blocking immigration reform,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s one more reason we need a Democratic Senate.”
    “That’s why we fought for immigration reform,” he said. “It’s the other party that’s blocking. Unfortunately, folks get frustrated and they yell at everybody.”

    Nothing is his fault.Ever.


  4. Pistol Pete

    MSM Dismisses Election 2014 As Voters Simply Deciding ‘None of the Above’
    It’s called denial.

    To America’s mainstream media, the 2014 mid-term election is a choice between bad and worse.

    Here’s why, by their reasoning: No one — repeat no one — in their right mind could ever vote for the Republicans, so clearly the country’s voters are so disengaged and dissatisfied that they couldn’t care less about who wins.

    No less an MSM icon than “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd has said so in an NBC News piece last week titled “None of the Above


  5. Pistol Pete

    WRTV: In Indiana, 30K Anthem Customers Have Their Health Plans Cancelled Due To ObamaCare
    .Liberals shrug of complaints about Obamacare as ‘so yesterday.’


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’m guessing the premium number attached to those new options will be unaffordable for most, if not all of those affected.


      • Ting

        I think I read that there are 250,000 policies cancelled in VA. We can’t find out the new premiums until Nov. 15. Then we have exactly one month to “shop” and choose another policy. The one that Anthem is suggesting I purchase takes my former premium of $258 per month up to $676 per month. I can’t find out the price of any other options until after Nov. 15. There better be something more affordable than $676 per month because that $676 has a higher deductible and less doctors than the $258 one I am losing due to lack of maternity coverage, though you could have bought a maternity rider. Guess how I will be spending the start of the holiday season! I tried to tend to it back in the summer so I could get it settled and know how to budget.


  6. Pistol Pete

    President Obama will be missing in action on the campaign trail day before pivotal midterm elections that forecasts show his party losing

    Obama will take meetings in Washington, D.C. on Monday and Tuesday instead of barnstorming the country for his political party
    Democrats have roughly a 74 percent chance of losing the Senate to Republicans.
    A copy of his public schedule reveals the president’s plans to return to Washington, D.C. on Sunday after campaign events in Connecticut and Pennsylvania and stay there through Election Day.

    On Monday Obama will sit down with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. The following day he’ll take other meetings at the White House instead of barnstorming the country, campaigning for endangered Democrats.


  7. Pistol Pete

    First case of voter fraud confirmed in Rio Arriba Co.

    According to the Rio Arriba County Clerk’s office, a voter trying to cast an early ballot in Espanola Saturday was told he had already voted three days prior.

    The man told poll workers he hadn’t voted. He was then shown the signature of the voter, but he says it wasn’t his signature.

    Officials say they were able to confirm that the signature on the original ballot did not match the legal voter’s signature on file.

    its already begun.People will go to vote and find somebody has already illegally voted for them.Expect hundreds of these incidents.none of which can be prosecuted,as if anybody cared.


  8. Lena gets upset about being accused of molesting her baby sister, by people who read her own memoir about molesting her baby sister.


    • Pistol Pete

      She’s upset because people read her book?


    • Like

      • chrissythehyphenated

        Lena wants us to LOL about this, claims her sister thinks it’s funny too. But it’s not. It’s sickening. What she did is sickening. The fact that she doesn’t understand this, even now, is worse.


        • Absolutely. What she describes is bad enough, like paying her sister in candy for 5 minute kisses on the lips and “exploring” her genitals, but I guarantee there were worse things she doesn’t describe. Twisted psychological games, from the sound of it.

          The most face palming aspect of Lena’s response to this is her indignity. She really assumes she is immune from any accusations. Why is that? Talk about privilege! What’s the difference between her and Roman Polanski giving a 13 year old girl champagne and cocaine and probing her in a hot tub? Just a few years in age, the cost of the candy and the gender of the molester.


          • chrissythehyphenated

            The Left didn’t condemn him either. It wasn’t “rape-rape”, remember.


            • Good point! Both are “Liberal Privilege.” The most powerful force in the world.


              • chrissythehyphenated

                It’s what converted Andrew Breitbart. He was a typical liberal until he watched the Clarence Thomas hearings on CNN. The hypocrisy of the Left over what constitutes sexual abuse woke him up.


                • Seriously? I got a similar, but less important, awakening watching those hearings. I’ll never forget how infuriated I was at Joe Biden for treating his sacred duty as Chair like a joke. He was just a cheap hack masquerading as a U.S. Senator. Of course, almost all of them are, these days. And crooks besides.


  9. Pistol Pete

    La Raza’s Advocacy Little More Than A Scheme To Encourage Illegals To Vote
    La Raza, as it’s known, is no ordinary nongovernmental organization in the “anti-poverty” racket. A group of lawyers and activists, it has long functioned as the illegal alien lobby in the U.S., advocating aggressively for the cause of open borders.

    For its latest stunt, it has published on its website and social media a list of voting stations that don’t require IDs. Interesting, given a recent Harvard study showing that illegal immigrants have almost certainly swung close elections in recent years by canceling out U.S. citizens’ votes to ensure Democrat victories.


  10. Pistol Pete

    Take Back The Future


  11. Pistol Pete

    T Minus 2: Clintons Reclaim Democrat Party Leadership
    Cankles is contempating her run for the White House….Bubba is contemplating the chick with the big hooters in the second row.

    With just 2 days until the election, Bill and Hillary Clinton are criss-crossing the country, attending final campaign rallies for a host of Democrat Senate candidates in tight elections.
    The contrast in schedules between Obama and the Clintons is the result of a political coup in everything but name. In campaigns for federal office, Democrat candidates are eager to associate themselves with the Clintons and hope that voters forget their ties to Obama.

    This is how the Klintoons rack up favors to call in for the Bloody Bitche’s takeover in 2016.


  12. Pistol Pete

    Governor’s Race in FL, MI, IL all Toss Ups

    PPP’s final polls for Governor in Florida, Michigan, and Illinois find incredibly tight contests in all three states.
    Pat Quinn is one of the most unpopular Governors in the country. Only 31% of voters approve of the job he’s doing to 54% who disapprove. But he’s still clinging to a slight lead for reelection over Republican challenger Bruce Rauner, 47/45. Only 58% of Democrats approve of the job Quinn is doing, but 83% are nevertheless voting for him.


  13. Pistol Pete



  14. Pistol Pete

    Depressing thought of the day: your vote equals exactly half of their votes.

    Tomorrow is the big event – Election Day 2014! America’s last chance to tell Barack Hussein Obama where to stick it, which way to twist it, and how long to leave it in!

    Democrats, terrified by predictions that they’ll receive a bitch-slapping of Biblical proportion have spent their final hours on the campaign trail screaming endlessly about racism because…um…oh yeah! Because Barack Obama is black! Not that any Democrats admit to actually knowing him.

    But while Hope n’ Change is optimistic about the election results and keenly interested in seeing the innovative new methods of voter fraud, we’re truthfully not all that excited about where the world will be even if the Democrats get the hot, steaming crap kicked out of them.


  15. Pistol Pete

    Arrests made in Halloween hit-and-run that killed 3 California teens

    I first heard about this tragedy Saturday morning.ever the cynic,when I heard about three 13 year old girls being mowed down by a hit-and-run driver,my first thought was:Suspects believed headed for Mexico.Thats what they normally do.

    Listen to what the bereaved mother of two of them had to say:
    “The [hit-and-run driver] hurt us very bad. I don’t know what they were thinking,” said the twins’ aunt Magaly Huerta. “I don’t know why they couldn’t stop.”

    One person said she cannot believe someone could hit the girls and flee.

    “It made me so sick to my stomach. To think three kids out to have fun could be killed like like that,” said Martys Ownby.

    The twins’ family is asking the public to help with donations. They say they are unable to afford burial costs.

    While the loss of your children is heartbreaking,what gives someone no doubt here illegally the idea that we should pay for their funerals?Do they think we have to pay for their every need?What are young children doing out on the street after dark unescorted anyway?


  16. Pistol Pete

    Biden to CNN: GOP Senate ‘Won’t Change Anything’ about Obama’s Agenda
    Just in case anybody harbored any illusions about what this hellspawn is planning


  17. Pistol Pete

    5 keys to Republicans winning the Senate majority
    Bubba wouldn’t join these two,but I’ll bet the pervert would want to watch
    frankly the thought of these twp fatasses together would curdle milk
    <img src="” alt=”” />
    Republicans are poised to take control of the Senate, provided they avoid Election Day upsets and win at least three of a half-dozen close races they feel they are ahead.

    The campaign map gives Republicans several ways of winning the six net seats they need to wrest the Senate majority from Democrats.


  18. Pistol Pete

    Racially Incendiary Burke Flyer Seeks to Rally Black Vote
    Soooo, vote for the rich white chick so that brothas stop getting shot by white cops? Is this the message?
    According to PJ Media, this is a Mary Burke flyer in Wisconsin. Talk about blatant desperation. When you can’t use issues to rally the vote, use skin color and lies.

    Read more:
    <img src="View image on Twitter” alt=”” />


  19. Pistol Pete

    While many conservatives think Haley Barbour is a little too RINO for their taste, you can’t deny that he’s a damn good speaker on behalf of conservatism and this is a really good example. When Democratic Communications Director tries to spin the numbers on who controls the country politically, his response is so logical that even Candy Crowley says, “whoah! that was good!”


  20. Pistol Pete

    Students at San Diego State University held a “Sh*t-In” in protest of non-gender inclusive bathrooms
    San Diego, which, of course, in German means, “a vagina wails.”
    imagine you’re a parent.For years you worked overtime,second jobs,skipped vacations,did with out a lot to see that your kids went to college.Then this is what you end up with.



    • chrissythehyphenated

      I get men supporting this. But women? My HUSBAND of 35 years doesn’t come into the jon with me and I don’t go in with him … AT HOME. It’s invasive and embarrassing and a neon-blinking-sign INVITING pervs and peepers and rapists to do their thing while the girls are most vulnerable.


      • Yep. I find things like this to be really upsetting. It only works in places where you have a one-occupant facility with a locking door, like in many gas stations and a fair number of cafes I’ve been to. But anything larger than a small cafe or gas station (in the middle of nowhere), this can’t be done while protecting people from most predators. Children will no longer be a ble to go to the bathroom on their own, and even adults will be prey to such defective people. . .


  21. Pistol Pete

    AFL-CIO’s get-out-the-vote message turns to despair
    In a stark, anguished get-out-the-vote mass email message sent to union members and allies Sunday, the AFL-CIO labor federation revealed how badly it thought the turnout was going to go on Election Day.
    By contrast in a Nov. 2, 2012, announcement just prior to Election Day, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka confidently announced: “By talking one-on-one with working class voters, we’ve been able to cut through the noise of endless TV ads bought by big corporate interests and discuss core economic issues like protecting Medicare, ending tax cuts for the rich and creating good jobs.”

    The AFL-CIO is showing no such confidence this year and instead announcing that too many people are staying home. That’s a telling difference.


  22. Saudi ladies, you think you’re safe in your burkas? Think again. If your eyes, peeking through that tiny opening are deemed “too beautiful” so as to be tempting, you’re a criminal now. #Progress


  23. chrissythehyphenated

    Thank you, Pete! 🙂


  24. chrissythehyphenated

    I can totally relate to that easy as pie graphic. Good crust is HARD!


    • Pistol Pete

      I remember well sitting at the kitchen table watching Granny blend flour,butter and lard together,kneading it into a dough,rolling it out amd putting in in her metal pie tins and trimming and crimping the edges.I asked her one time why she made such good pies.she said she’d been practicing for 60 years.

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  25. Good evening, folks,

    What you haven’t see in my online text-based persona is that I’ve been sick in the guts. Just sayin’, not digging for sympathy, okay? (I can name maybe a dozen people I know through websites alone, who’ve had worse health than I have had of late, some much worse for much longer, God bless ’em.) “The greatest affliction is never to have been afflicted,” the old saying goes, so, I’m good. 🙄 I’m slowly recovering, God willing, but it’s been a painful and exhausting several months.

    (As a weak, whiny, moany, groany, terrible patient, both Milady and Mr. Jesus have been getting an earful from me. Both have been very kind and helpful. I keep promising Mr. Jesus that I’ll try to be just as grateful in health as I’ve been begful in illness. “Yeah, sure, foolish mortal, I’ve heard that before!” 🙂 )

    Well, the exhaustion has affected my concentration, even at times when I wasn’t suffering too badly. I can watch short vids. I can scan news and comments and the like. Obviously, as you might’ve noticed in recent weeks, I can comment and post links. Not much more, though.

    My creativity (such as it was) has therefore flatlined. With all that’s going on in the world, and this important election, I had thought I would be posting aplenty. Instead, it’s been weeks since I churned out a real webwork. I even had dozens of things mostly ready to post, including the non-political, and all those have just lain dormant. (Many urgent offline tasks have been neglected, too, but never mind that for now.)

    I’m glad that so many really good artists are producing great stuff these days. Hope n’ Change, Liberal Logic, Free Beacon, Sabo, Truth Revolt, so many videographers, cartoonists and photo manipulators. It’s not like the webworld is desperate for more of my stuff, but, I have fun, and as Randy Newman once sang, “sometimes I get off a good one. / Least I think I do. / No, I know I do.”

    Why do I share all this now? Because, the election is tomorrow, and it’s been really strange to be sitting this one out. Had to gripe to somebody. And make my excuses. 🙂

    Hope I’ll be able to bear down again from here to 2016.

    It’s taken me days to try to compose this, sorry for the rambling. I tried to cut this down in size, but time’s up and it are what it am. That’s all. Carry on.


  26. Thanks for the nice replies, Ting, Bluebird, Grunt. Much appreciated.

    GoMC: “Actually, I thought your commenting had been pretty good of late.”

    Heh, certainly quantity. As I said, it’s about the only thing I can handle sometimes. One thing is, I don’t have a “blog” of my own, for posting other folks’ stuff.

    I did have one once, starting ‘way back in 2002. Here’s my “Blog Heap o’Links” from Aug 2004. Don’t think anyone was aware of it, but family. I did it mostly because I wanted a way to keep track of links, for reference. “Hey, did you see this one?”

    Several years ago, when I moved my website from hand-tooled HTML to “Content Management System,” the Blog Heap never made the transition. I’ve tried to revive it several times, but never kept up with it the same. Last entries were back in July.

    So, PoliNation gets my links. Which I have several of today! Hey, did you see this one…?