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Journalistic Malpractice

Media Math - Bush's War vs Bipartisan Bill

2014_11 03 Journalistic Malpractice


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Ten Ugly Facts About the State of our Country that Democrats Want to Hide on Election Day

DONKEY3The first nine (and the graphic) are from the geniuses at Cain TV and Diogenes Middle Finger.  The tenth is from U.S. Government sources and will be of special interest to those of you in military families:

As we all get ready to head to the polls tomorrow, Democrats want you focused on the Koch brothers (that evil fang-toothed fictionalized version, not the real ones who are excellent and highly successful businessmen) and their “war on women” crapola.

What they do not want you focused on is the data that shows what failures they have been leading this nation. Many people do not even know the facts I’m about to share, because the mainstream media do not report them. So read them and share them with nine friends who are going to vote tomorrow. It just might help decide whether Harry Reid remains in control of the Senate or is sent to the back bench where he belongs. (Actually that’s not where he belongs, but I’ll not get into that now.)

Ten facts Democrats do not want to talk about:

1. Sluggish economic growth. Yes, we’ve had a couple of strong quarters, but annualized growth throughout the Obama presidency has been less than 2 percent. That is horrendous.

2. Median income is down $3,000 per household since Obama took office. Astonishing.

3. The labor participation rate is down from 67 percent to 62 percent, which makes the published unemployment rate look much better than it really is. The U6 rate, which includes those who have given up looking for work, remains over 10 percent.

4. More part-time jobs have been created than full-time jobs in last six years.

5. The home ownership rate is down from 67 percent to 64 percent.

6. Taxes went up when the Bush tax cuts were allowed to expire. Liberals will say that’s fine because they only went up on the rich. I say the government did what it too often does and chose to target producers and opportunity creators.

7. ObamaCare is a failure! More people are losing their insurance than are becoming newly insured, and 51 percent of those enrolled in the exchanges say they will not re-up given the opportunity the next time around. Then there are the 29ers (people being limited to 29 hours a week because of ObamaCare mandates) and the 49ers (not the San Francisco ones . . . the businesses intentionally staying under 50 employees to avoid the coverage mandate). There are also thousands of doctors refusing patients with ObamaCare coverage because they can’t cover their costs on the reimbursements, while thousands more doctors are retiring early.

8. The national debt has exceeded $17 trillion for the first time in U.S. history. Remember when Obama declared as a senator that running up debt was unpatriotic? Um. Yeah.

9. From the Middle East to Eastern Europe to Russia to Britain to the Falkland Islands to Latin America to Mexico to the Far East, our foreign policy is a muddled mess. Shockingly to Obama the rest of the world did not conform to his global ideals just because he gave speeches saying they should.

10. Twice as many U.S. military deaths have happened in the Middle East under Obama’s watch in half the time as under President Bush’s.  This happened despite aggressive campaigning by Obama against the war in Iraq, promoting him as the bringer of peace to the region, a foreign policy prodigy and the savior of U.S. service men and women.

Please keep these facts in mind as you vote tomorrow.


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Weather Channel Founder Shuts Down CNN’s Brian Stelter on Global Warming

Via SooperMexican and The Right Scoop: Click HERE to see the video.
In this interview set up to make John Coleman look like a senile climate denier, with the current (adversarial) CEO of the Weather Channel coming on right afterwards to pummel him unopposed, the tables were turned. Coleman made a striking statement condemning global climate hysteria as unscientific.  Stelter was left sputtering about how “Scientists would disagree with you.” Coleman’s response, paraphrasing: “I AM a scientist, and you’re not.” When asked to respond to Obama’s claimed “97% consensus” on climate change, Coleman calmly explained that the government only gives money to researchers who will produce papers supporting the adopted theory, so that consensus is not surprising, but “bought and paid for,” nevertheless.

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First,a word to CtH. Not to worry,my dear friend. We got this. Family is the most important thing next to loving God in your life. Guard any time together jealously. We’ll be here whenever you can stop by.

Wellll…it seems like Barry has become as unpopular as a used car salesman to all but his most devoted,the homies who still have his picture on their mantle. He did an appearance in Connecticut where he was heckled by illegals for not signing amnesty yet. Of course,he blamed the republicans. Then in deep-blue Philadelphia,where fraud was so rampant two years ago,that a statistically-impossible 53 precincts didn’t record a single vote for Romney,they couldn’t fill half the gymnasium where Temple University plays. I have links to both these stories. Being the self-absorbed narcissist he is he likely blamed the sparse crowds on the unpopularity of the democrat he was stumping for. He has NO personal appearances planned for the last two days before the midterm,which comes as a relief to the democrats who are running from him so fast you’d think he wanted them to pay the dinner tab. It remains to be seen if he’s dumped enough turds in the punchbowl to doom any of his co-conspirators.













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Two SEALs show NFL fans how it’s done!

2014_11 Seal and dog rappel into NFL stadium

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