Liberal Logic and Guns

2d Amendment A cop won't fit in my purse

Kimberly Weeks was brutally raped in college.  She is now a vocal advocate for the right to own firearms. “Had I been armed, I very well could have changed my circumstances and possibly prevented another attack on myself or the next victim.”

Kim’s story [1:30]

New York Times editorial writer David Firestone sneers at what he calls her “use of fear” to fight gun control.  Cuz Democrats never Never NEVER use scary stuff to advance their political agendas.  Oh wait.  Yes they do.  All the time.  It’s also typical of the New York Slime to demonize victims of their Nanny State policies.

Michelle Malkin notes, “The Times has spilled barrels and barrels of ink decrying the campus rape epidemic. Its opinion writers and reporters call for more money for sexual assault prevention, more government programs and more respect for rape victims. But when a rape victim advocates armed self-defense, where’s the crusading New York Times? Catcalling courageous armed women like a Big Apple street bum.”

Liberal Logic - Cops and guns


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  1. My husband was reckless enough to say on FB that he thought girls and women should learn to defend themselves. I’m sure you can imagine the horrified shrieks of outrage, liberally sprinkled with all manner of colorful language, that followed. He seems to enjoy provoking loony leftists.