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Mascot Update: Melting Mama’s Heart

Mama Buzz turned into a gooey puddle of love as she watched Bunny enact their night-time prayers and kisses ritual with her Mommy Doll and Little Girl Doll.

2014_11 20 Bedtime for Mommy Doll and Bunny Doll

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Ask Pope Francis to visit Gosnell building

2014_11 30 Ask Pope Francis to visit Gosnell bldg

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Gazing on the Two Witnesses

Revelation 11:1-14 prophesies that God will send two witnesses to preach in Jerusalem for the first 3½ years of the last 7 years of all time. At the mid-point of this last “week” of years, God will allow the Beast to kill them. After this, Scripture says:

“Those from every people, tribe, tongue, and nation will gaze on their corpses for three and a half days.”
[Rev 11:9]

Such a thing would have been impossible until fairly recently. However, with the invention and widespread use of satellite television, portable communications devices and the Internet, such a thing is now more than possible.

Two witnesses - All look


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UPDATE: The Gosnell Movie

More from the transcripts, plus crowdfunding has reopened, so you can help finance the film.

Gosnell trial transcript - Kareema Cross

Dr. Kermit Gosnell is the most prolific serial killer in American History, but almost no one knows who he is. The Gosnell Movie aims to change that. The minimum amount they needed to make the film was raised from public donations during a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding. 

Indiegogo recently created a new opportunity called “Forever Funding” which has allowed The Gosnell Movie to re-open their crowdfunding campaign.

The original crowdfunding for The Gosnell Movie was a great success, but the truth is that the budget is extremely tight. They can and will make the movie for the $2.1 Million they raised, but since a lot of the costs are fixed (equipment, filming crew and locations) and already in the budget, extra money could go directly toward making a BETTER movie. 

E.g., hiring more talented (i.e., higher paid) actors and/or extending the shooting schedule beyond the insantly short three weeks they’ve budgeted for.

If you can afford $25, do that.  It’s a GREAT DEAL, cuz you get a free DVD of the finished product mailed to you as soon as they’re ready!

But, if you didn’t donate during the original campaign and have only a smidgen of money to spread around for Christmas, consider giving the minimum donation of One Dollar. Yes, ONE DOLLAR!

Each individual donor is counted as ONE BACKER, regardless of the amount given, and the higher the number of individual backers the movie can rack up, the more oomph they’ll have when it’s time to approach distributors. 

In other words, ONE DOLLAR will mean more people see the film after it’s done!

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The Happy Ending

The following is an Our Daily Bread meditation by Philip Yancey.

“I saw a new heaven and a new earth.” —Revelation 21:1

In its “plot,” the story of the Bible ends up very much where it began. The broken relationship between God and human beings has healed over at last, and the curse of Genesis 3 is lifted. Borrowing images from Eden, Revelation pictures a river and a tree of life (Rev. 22:1-2).

But this time a great city replaces the garden setting – city filled with worshipers of God. No death or sadness will ever darken that scene. When we awake in the New Heaven and New Earth, we will have at last a happy ending.

Heaven is not an afterthought or an optional belief. It is the final justification of all creation. The Bible never belittles human tragedy and disappointment – any book more painfully honest? – it does add one key word: temporary.

What we feel now, we will not always feel. The time for re-creation will come.

For people who feel trapped in pain or in a broken home, in economic misery or in fear – for all of us – Heaven promises a timeless future of health and wholeness and pleasure and peace. The Bible begins with the promise of a Redeemer in the book of Genesis (3:15) and ends with that same promise (Rev. 21:1-7) – a guarantee of future reality.

The end will be the beginning.

Rev 21 The first heaven and earth were passed away

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MOVIE Christmas Candle

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Obama Admits: ‘I Just Took Action to Change the Law’

The White House has argued that President Obama’s executive amnesty order last week was made well within the existing law. But in remarks in Chicago tonight, President Obama went off script and admitted that in fact he unilaterally made changes to the law [2:22 in video].

Obama Admits: ‘I Just Took Action to Change the Law’

The Constitution gives the President of the United States ZERO POWER to make or changes laws.  Maybe this is where President ZERO gets the idea he’s the only one allowed to do it?  He did say that no Republican president after him should ever, Ever, EVER do what HE JUST DID!

2014_11 25 Obama explains three branches

H/t Pistol Pete

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What we’re doing today

Dearest and I had mouth-watering gourmet take-out last night and our youngest is coming tomorrow with her own traditional Thanksgiving meal. She loves to cook, we can’t use the oven (my fault … allergies), so she decided to cook for us at her house and zip on down for some rare “only child” time while her hubby goes hunting with his dad. Works for me!

Today, we got our kitchen goodies and local waterfalls calendars ready to mail. It’s so handy that the calendars fit precisely on top of the 9 jars! Dearest’s Rotary Club sells them every year as a fund-raiser and the girls like to have their reminders of home on their walls all year.

2014_11 27 Canned goods for Cmas

2014_11 27 Labels and bubble packing

2014_11 27 D likes to pack


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Who are you going to feed?

Two Wolves

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Tired … just tired

I wonder if this is how God feels about now?

DOG Tired just tired

The moronic #ShutItDown movement spread nationwide, from Providence, RI, and Boston to Ithaca, NY, to DC to Baltimore to Atlanta to Memphis and Nashville to Oakland to L.A. and beyond. Cuz nothing says “Justice and Peace” like blocking traffic.

2014_11 25 ShutItDown in LA

You KNOW each and every one of them would DEMAND their rights if anyone said boo to them.  Among the rights guaranteed by the Constitution is free travel. Remember “Ebola Nurse” who refused to self-quarantine and judges said she couldn’t be forced? Not that these dipshits know what the Constitution says.  They only care about the bits that get them what they want when they want it.

2014_11 25 Boston MC shut down by ShutItDown

They’d also be demanding FREE medical care for THEMSELVES. But stop SICK PEOPLE from getting to the ER?  Meh.

2014_11 25 ShutitDown blocks route to ped hospital RI

Why weren’t these idiots at home preparing for a nice day with their loved ones?

Oh wait. Maybe they don’t have any loved ones … you know, other than the dead thuggish and self-centered narcissistic celebrity type who aren’t coming for dinner anyway so let’s go PROTEST!

Cuz like … that’s never changed a darn thing for the better, but it sure is fun to feel important and you might maybe get on teevee or hook up with some of your old Occupy buds or sumpin.

Heckuva job our Prezzer did calming the nation. Not that he ever intended to calm anything. If it will promote hatred, division, and violence, he is SO there.


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