Audience walks out on Obama AGAIN

Oct 28, 2014: Camera Catches Crowd Slowly Exiting While Obama Speaks

Romney was right

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    “The [KS senatorial] race is now statistically tied and voters in the Sunflower State have begun to show they will hold their nose and vote for the unpopular incumbent if only to oust Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) from his position as majority leader.”

    “The [Dem] party committed $1 million to buoy the chances of either of the two left-of-center candidates hoping to defeat former GOP Gov. Mike Rounds. But the Republican candidate’s apparent vulnerability was a mirage, and three of the last four polls released show him leading both his opponents by double digits.”

    “The final callous tease which fate handed Democrats came in Georgia where the party recruited one of their best candidates this cycle. … [Nunn surged but] … the last three surveys in the field after October 16 have shown Perdue regaining the momentum and surpassing Nunn. [48-45]”