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Ballet is hard!

The tragedy of first position [1:07] < SO CUTE!!

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Are you following the attack on religious freedom in Houston?

2014_09 29 Houston mayor assaulting religious freedom

UPDATE: The fight is not over. The petty dictator squatting in the Houston mayor’s office told a group of clergy that she STILL has no intention of allowing the citizens of Houston to vote on the bathroom bill.

Background: Houston’s first openly lesbian mayor Annise Parker is a big fan of what she calls “Equal Rights” legislation and the rest of us call “the bathroom bill”, because it would allow individuals to use whatever bathrooms they decide match their “gender self-identity” rather than than their biological gender.

More than 50,000 supporters signed a petition demanding the whole city be permitted to vote on it. The city attorney threw them away, alleging there were not enough legitimate signatures.

A lawsuit ensued, giving the city attorney an excuse to issue subpoenas demanding the five Houston pastors who delivered the petitions turn over all sermons, speeches and correspondence dealing with homosexuality, gender identity and the city’s Equal Rights ordinance. Since the pastors were not party to the lawsuit, this amounted to a straight up case of political bullying and violation of First Amendment rights.

The story went public and Houston City Hall was deluged with telephone calls, letters, emails. Hundreds of Bibles and sermons were shipped to the mayor and attorney, resulting in the mayor issuing the following statement: “After much contemplation and discussion, I am directing the city legal department to withdraw the subpoenas issued to the five Houston pastors who delivered the petitions.”

News report with FOX News video embedded @

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Mascot Update: Bunny turned 3 and started school!

From Mama Buzz: “First morning at school went great!  Some crying at first but then she settled in :)”

2014_10 23 three years old and preK

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Muslims don’t like dogs

But Americans do.

Muslims vs Dogs



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Hello?Anybody there?

I chuckled when I saw this,which is something I never do. I’d planned to post Friday but IOTW posted it today so I’ll go ahead.









quit griping…two more days and it’s over


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The headline reads:

Report on Non-Citizen Voters Shows Why Amnesty Would Be ‘Suicide’ for GOP

A new study that asks whether non-citizens can tip elections for Democrats gives more credence to an Eagle Forum report that concluded that massive amnesty legislation would be “suicide” for the conservative movement and the GOP.

The definition of suicide is death by your own hand. There was a time when such ‘moderate’ stalwarts as Sens. McStain, Grahamnesty, Rubio and Paul were pushing for “comprehensive immigration reform” which is amnesty by another name. This was a ploy by the democrats to try to get gullible republicans to go along with this rape of the constitution in the misguided hope that somehow the illegal parasites would see that we meant them no harm and please vote republican because we’re just as generous with taxpayer money as the democrats. Fortunately there were enough on our side who were unwilling to give up the future of the party.
This party,and by extension the nation, will not die of its own hand. It will be executed some time between Nov. 5 and probably Nov. 20. The knife which will slowly,painfully be dragged across her throat belongs to a cold,unfeeling,African national idealogue bearing an irrational contempt for the people and the country who handed him the greatest honor any nation can bestow.
Nixon was forced to resign in 1993 after republicans went to the White House and told him he had to go. Being a man who had a respect for his office,he resigned. Nixon haters, save your breath. I’m only making a point. This would not happen now even if the democrats were to tell Obama he had to go. He doesn’t care,and never did. Since the day he stole his last election he’s become the most destructive ‘lone wolf terrorist’ in the history of America. He doesn’t care about anybody or anything. His plan has always been to crush the economy under the weight of millions of leeches pouring over the border with their hands out.
We’ve all heard about the “path to citizenship.” This is a false premise. These people want nothing to do with being citizens. They already have a country,full of poverty and misery. They want the free food, healthcare, housing and the low-skill, low-paying jobs which are all that’s left under obamanomics. Legalizing millions of them will give employers who would not hire illegals a whole new pool of labor willing to work harder,longer,and for less money than Americans which they send to support their families in their own country.
We will be forced to watch as they flood the streets by the millions,waving the Mexican flag and celebrating being handed the precious gifts that so many of our forefathers paid such a dear price in blood and treasure to secure for us. Our children will be forced to learn Spanish just to coexist with them right along with forcing kindergartners to embrace homosexuality as something desirable. They are taught this country was built by racist slaveholders and is defended by people too stupid to stay in school and homicidal maniacs who want to kill people. Liberalism controls the education system and the history texts are being written by former Viet Nam war protesters,draft dodgers, and flower children who lived better chemically.
America is on death row,her crime being socialists and an adoring media foisting someone on us who is not only delusional but holds a grudge against capitalism and his perception of unfairness that some work hard to have things that those who are slovenly do not. There was a movie decades ago the Penthouse magazine produced called Caligula. The tag line was ‘what would you do if you had absolute power over life and death for the whole world?’ Obama must be green with envy.



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Some Mayhem with your Coffee?


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Audience walks out on Obama AGAIN

Oct 28, 2014: Camera Catches Crowd Slowly Exiting While Obama Speaks

Romney was right

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SCRABBLE: This is different!

2014_10 29 six plays four bingos


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