IRS goes where no man should have ever gone

2013_03 IRS training video

I missed the IRS parodies Star Trek story when the story broke… so many Democrat scandals, so little time. ::sigh:: It seems the Obama IRS spent $60,000 of taxpayers’ money to produce a Star Trek parody for their 2010 training conference. You have to see it to believe just how bad it is. I had to turn it off at 1:45. Sadly … it’s not bad enough to be funny. It’s just bad enough to be really 8th grade video club project pathetic.

IRS Star Trek parody

2013_03 25 Shatner appalled at IRS video

IRS wasting money and targeting conservatives


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4 responses to “IRS goes where no man should have ever gone

  1. I only made it to 1:30. Whew!

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  2. Ting

    Good for Shatner for that tweet. And Good for You, Chrissy, for bringing this whole sorry mess to our attention!

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  3. That was just downright embarrassingly bad. I’ve seen more competent acting in elementary school theatrical productions.


  4. Get a load of the “likes” and “dislikes” on YouTube.