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Job Creation: Reagan vs. Obama

Reagan vs Obama percent employed

I just read an article at Forbes purporting to demonstrate that Obama-nomics has been way more successful than Reagan-omics was. I should say, “I tried to read an article” cuz the author lost me with his very first graph, which claims to compare Reagan’s Unemployment Rate with Obama’s.

But President Clinton altered the parameters for calculating the Unemployment Rate to make his numbers look better when nothing had really changed. (E.g., he had certain classes of unemployed persons removed from the “Unemployment Rate” data set and shoveled into some other, obscure data set, like “Discouraged Workers.”)

You can’t legitimately compare pre-Clinton and post-Clinton Unemployment Rate data sets; they’re apples and oranges. But the Forbes author does it anyway, without a word of apology. In other words, he is deliberately lying with statistics to make Obama look better than he is. Where oh where is my surprised face?

So far as I know, the Percentage Employed criteria have not been changed, so comparing those for Reagan and Obama should give us some real data.  Right off the bat it’s obvious that Reagan’s policies were better.  Obama’s percent employed went down while Reagan’s went up.  It’s kinda creepy how symmetrical the numbers are, isn’t it?

That Forbes article is named: “Obama outperforms Reagan on jobs growth.”  That works only if by “jobs growth” the author means the exact opposite.


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IRS goes where no man should have ever gone

2013_03 IRS training video

I missed the IRS parodies Star Trek story when the story broke… so many Democrat scandals, so little time. ::sigh:: It seems the Obama IRS spent $60,000 of taxpayers’ money to produce a Star Trek parody for their 2010 training conference. You have to see it to believe just how bad it is. I had to turn it off at 1:45. Sadly … it’s not bad enough to be funny. It’s just bad enough to be really 8th grade video club project pathetic.

IRS Star Trek parody

2013_03 25 Shatner appalled at IRS video

IRS wasting money and targeting conservatives


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#YesWeDid … Bwahahahahaha

Some lib had the bright idea to create a hashtag called “YesWeDid” to promote what they saw as successes in the Obama Administration. ::snork:: It quickly turned into a game of List Obama’s Failures. Here are some selections:


  • Create another hashtag for Conservatives to hijack
  • Watch our President wear Mom jeans
  • Spend $60,000 on an IRS Star Trek parody that wasn’t even funny
  • Call the Ft. Hood shooting ‘workplace violence’
  • Ignore the little people who voted for us so we could play with rich celebrities
  • Promise transparency then say “you have to pass it to find out what’s in the legislation”
  • Take away your doctor, take away your plan, and increase your deductible
  • Put a record number of people on food stamps
  • Replace virtue with hashtags and selfies

2014_10 27 YesWeDid go golfing

  • Call ISIS the “jayvee team”
  • Tell NASA their PRIMARY MISSION was improving MUSLIM self-esteem
  • Use the IRS to target political opponents so we could win elections
  • Take credit for others’ accomplishments
  • Blame everyone else for failed policies
  • Take a $100,000,000 taxpayer funded family vacation in Africa
  • Demonize people who had legitimate and scrupulously considered disagreements with us
  • Send a WH envoy to the funeral of an attempted cop killer thug
  • Send NO ONE to the funeral of a MAJOR GENERAL who was KIA

2014_10 27 YesWeDid hold hands and lie

  • Waste hundreds of millions of taxpayer $$ on Solyndra
  • Drive the national debt up to $18 TRILLION
  • Dump thousands of illegal children in US communities w/o any notice
  • Postpone pain & bad news until after every election
  • Throw away our military sacrifices in Iraq
  • Make the world a much more dangerous place
  • Make Jimmy Carter look competent

On second thought … that list is damned depressing, so maybe I shouldn’t have laughed. ::sigh::


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Defragging: What it is and why you should do it regularly

Binder vs Hard drive

Click on graphics to embiggen for easier reading.

Frag vs defrag

I use Piriform’s Defraggler program.  It’s free, it works well, but there are others out there.  Get one. Use it regularly.  One tip: If you haven’t defragged in a while (or ever), the first time will take HOURS … and hours and hours.  You don’t have to babysit it.  Just make sure its running okay and go to bed.  The next time won’t take anywhere near as long.  If it gets interrupted for some reason, just start it again.


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Just one more week. Judgement day. The day we’ve waited for for two interminably long,excruciatingly painful years. The day those of us who are intelligent, politically aware, know the candidates and the issues, go to the polls and cast a vote to offset one cast by an illegal alien,a convicted felon or a machine rigged to record every vote cast for the democrat. That the democrats can and do cheat is not a revelation. What is unknown is how much they’ll commit.

We’ve been hearing for a very long time how well the republicans are going to do in light of the morass that Obama’s popularity have plunged into. What is troubling is that there are so many senatorial races where the candidates are either tied or the GOP candidate is only a point or so ahead. The democrats are well-seasoned in picking and choosing where to commit fraud without rousing a great deal of suspicion. Save Florida 2000,which took intervention from SCOTUS to stop, I cannot recall any close race of any import that democrats didn’t manage to win.

The goal is to dethrone that miserable turd Harry Reid and his criminal conduct. At least with the quisling Bitchy Mitchy as majority leader some of the 350+ bills that have passed through the House may finally get a vote. That’s as far as it will go. Obola will veto nearly every bill that is sent to him. He took over doing all the legislating by executive fiat after 2012 when he didn’t need to hide his socio-communist utopian dream anymore. Make no mistake….the two months of the lame duck will be bloody and terrifying. Right after the elections Bozo will illegally issue his blanket amnesty to millions of illegal parasites and the outgoinmg dems will rush through as many of his leftist judicial nominees as they can to the Circuit and Appeals courts to wreak vengeance on the fabric of civil society,usurping the will of the electorate to impose their personal opinions.

I’ve been voting for a very long time. I’ve seen good men and bad men pass through the political system. Looking back I fear it will all be a memory shortly. Our representative republic has been replaced by mob rule,media manipulation,a corrupt educational system that no longer teaches the very values this country was founded on and thrived under, and crushed by the burden of a welfare state that promises free housing,food,health care and cash just for supporting the socialists who take money from those who won’t vote for them to buy votes from those who will.

By the end of Hillary’s first term the republican party will be reduced to comic relief without any say,just as the republicans in my state are. Speaking of which,starting this year the dems who run this state decided that it would be great to have same-day registration and voting. Apparently it’s getting harder and harder to manufacture enough votes in Cook County to offset the honest votes across the rest of the state. They make sure they have every illegal advantage. That’s how they win.











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Climate Sense

Idiot's Guide to Global Warming

These two videos are both long, but they are very well worth watching if you are at all interested in the climate debate.

Lord Christopher Monckton ends the Global Warming Debate and proves its a Hoax [57:16]

The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie [1:15:56]

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