You want JOBS? Vote Republican.

Let’s take a skinny minute here to understand how our government works.

ALL LAWS (including but not limited to appropriations bills, tax law changes, minimum wage changes, etc.) have to be passed by both the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES and the SENATE, and then signed by the PRESIDENT.

Got that? There are THREE BODIES required that all must give consent to the SAME LAW before we can be bound by it (unless a Presidential veto is overruled by 2/3 votes in both the House and Senate).

So let’s give the MAJORITY the credit or blame for the economy, shall we? Whichever party holds majority control of two or all three of these bodies — House, Senate, Presidency — OWNS THE RESULTS.

1994 to 2014 Employment to Population Ratios

Click on graphics to embiggen.  These two graphs are 8-1/2″ x 11″ and easily readable at that size.

Go look at the figures for yourself. All of the data is available on-line at a GOVERNMENT website. These figures haven’t been “cooked” by the GOP or the Koch Brothers. They’re compiled and published by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The graph that shows what percentage of employable Americans have jobs is @ Below the line graph is a month-by-month chart of employment numbers. Above the line graph is “Change Output Options” where you can play around with the parameters; you have to click GO to get the changes to work. The data goes all the way back to 1948.

2009 to 2014 Employment to Population Ratios Michelle

1.5 Million MORE Americans are OUT of work today than on the day Barack Obama became president.



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2 responses to “You want JOBS? Vote Republican.

  1. Thank you, Chrissy, for this post!

    One minor correction… the data in the graphs is through September 2014 (the most recent BLS data available), not July 2014.
    The graphs only show month names on the X axis every 6 months (Jan & Jul), but the last month shown is Sep.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I figured it was, because Sept is on the chart, but I went with labeling it what it appeared to be to forestall any gripes about me altering the data for some nefarious reason. I am a Republican and ::gasp:: a Tea Partier to boot, so goodness only knows what I’m capable of. Sept was the fourth straight month at 59.0% anyway, so it felt like a wash and the lesser of two evils.