How many Americans has Obama failed?

1.5 Million MORE Americans are OUT of work today than on the day Barack Obama became president.

Obama's put 1 and half million MORE out of work

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Check for yourself!

Percent of Employable Americans with Jobs @
Number of Employable Americans @, choose Labor Force Statistics, then Civilian Labor Force Level.


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5 responses to “How many Americans has Obama failed?

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I just read an article at Forbes purporting to demonstrate how Obama has been even better than Reagan on economics. The author lost me with his very first graph, which compared Reagan’s unemployment with Obama’s.

    The guy claims to be an economics geeks, so he KNOWS the parameters for calculating unemployment were changed by CLINTON; he KNOWS these two data sets are apples and potato chips, but he doesn’t say a word about it. IOW, he’s deliberately lying with statistics.

    But he’s saying what the Lefties want to hear, so they’re passing the link around to each other so they can all ignore the HIGHER unemployment we’re actually experiencing and feel all kinds of superior to us stupid conservatives who refuse to recognize Obama’s brilliance. Or something.


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