Can you recommend someone?

Puter tech needed for Pete

We need Pistol Pete here in the garden and Pistol Pete needs his computer WORKING to be with us.  He and Mrs. Pete both have serious health issues, but Pete keeps on working part time.  He paid someone to fix his puter, then had the guy charge more than he said AND then didn’t fix it!  We need to find a tech who will make a house call, actually do a GOOD job, and NOT over-charge.


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  1. Can’t help you out. One thing about Pete’s computer. His repair guy said he took out infected virus ware and put in Avast. That’s what I use, and it seems to be highly recommended. It does slow things down, frantically checking every email and download, especially on my decades-old XP computer, but it works. Perhaps after it has better scoped out Pete’s system, it will run more smoothly. And I say that completely off the top of my head with absolutely no reason to think it might be so. Virusware is all a mystery to me. Used to use McAfee for years. Now I use Avast. That’s all I know.

    Computers are still, really, in that age where you had to get the crank and walk around to the front of the flivver, and always be ready to be your own mechanic. Yet somehow they’ve been sold to everybody as self-driving monorail cars.

    I blame programmers. All of them.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    We have a good friend whose day job is IT. He’s been really helpful … I “pay” him with custom jewelry for his wife, who loves my designs.

    He strongly recommended we use Firefox only and download Defraggler and CCleaner at Defraggler @
    and use them weekly.

    These are all free programs and the changes helped my system immensely.

    I decided not to use any separate virus programs, because they all gave me hassles and dang but they got expensive! When it was time to upgrade (and pay more), I realized the Windows updates and Firefox updates and my email server were all checking for this crap anyway, so I stopped my subscription and removed the software. So far, so good.

    I’m running an older Toshiba laptop that my dd gifted to me when she upgraded. It’s got Windows 7, Firefox, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, an Adobe Photoshop suite and a couple of simple games I enjoy.

    I clean my online cache frequently, particularly after visiting any banking/shopping site, and also after playing SCRABBLE, which seems to glop up my system for some reason. Ditto Twitchy.

    I am very leery of downloading stuff and never allow add-ons. (Updates at Piriform always trying to shove McAfee or Chrome at me, but I uncheck them. Both of those programs caused me hours of headaches, so NO thank you.)

    I ignore piddling software updates … they always tell me what the number is. If it’s 3.423, I ignore it. If it’s 3.5, meh, I might bother. I look at what they say it’s going to add. If it’s crap I don’t use, like cloud storage or smart phones or something, I ignore it. If I really need an upgrade, I’ll eventually bump into something that doesn’t work. Recently, I’ve had a few on-line videos that wouldn’t play for me. Not YouTube or Facebook, those work fine. Vimeo? I forget. Maybe next time my media player yaps about an update, I’ll download it.

    Beyond this, I do a full shut down and cold reboot whenever my puter seems slowish. I also clear out my Recycle bucket and run Defraggler and CCleaner regularly. My machine and system are definitely riding the trailing edge of technology, but doing these maintenance tasks have kept them running smoothly.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Oh … and I include all of our electronics in my daily prayers. Dearest’s income depends on his and my sanity depends on mine. 🙂


  3. Pistol Pete

    There is a defraggler icon on my desktop,but I’ve never run it because I don’t know what it does.I empty the recycle bin several times a week and clear the temporary files and cookies at least once a week.