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The real reasons blacks fail

Charles Barkley Poor people vote D

Oct 2014: Former NBA great Charles Barkley called out those in the black community who say any black who speaks correctly, gets good grades,  or succeeds at something other than being a thug is somehow not black enough. [CtH – I noticed this phenomenon among the blacks in my high school … and I graduated in 1972!]” [3:08]

Wishing to be rid of racial bigotry

Dr. Jahi Issa, a black, Democratic professor blames President Obama for the disenfranchisement of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU), and credits Ronald Reagan for taking a stand for the education of blacks. Issa’s latest piece, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Age of Obama: How HBCUs are Turning White,” discusses President Obama’s funding cuts to HBCUs and how his policies have seemed to displace black professors with non-black replacements. http://campusreform.org/?ID=5996

Ghetto means Democrats are in charge

Remember this classic?  Bill Cosby was criticized by fellow blacks for this speech.



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The Democrat’s Hate-Filled War on Minority Women

Scratch a Leftist and you will find not only a racist, but also a misogynist.  After Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut”, President Obama phoned Fluke to “send a message to his daughters and all women” that they shouldn’t be “attacked or called horrible names because they are being good citizens.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. That’s why he’s repeated his personal condolence calls to Conservative women who have been attacked or called horrible names. Oh wait. No, he hasn’t. Ever.

Nikki Haley is the first woman to serve as Governor of South Carolina. She is also the first non-Euro-American woman to have been elected as governor of a Southern state. At the age of 42, Haley is also the youngest current governor in the United States and one of only two of Indian ethnicity, the other being fellow Republican Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. If she weren’t a Republican, the Identity Politicians on the Left would lurve her. But you know them. Women and members of melanin-rich ethnic minorities are heroic servants of the people if they’re Democrat, but self-haters and sell-outs if they’re Republican.

  • May 2011: SC Democratic Chairman Dick Harpootlian called Haley “the gubernatorial equivalent of the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey.'”
  • April 2012: Harpootlian complained about Haley campaigning for Romney when she should have been governing, then likened her to the Kardashians and Snooki for publishing an autobiography when she allegedly had not yet “accomplished anything significant.”
    • I think he could have more appropriately likened her to Barack Obama, who didn’t do his job as Senator because he was too busy campaigning in 2008, and who has spent a great deal of time since campaigning and fund-raising instead of governing.  Plus, Obama published an autobiography right after graduating from college … unless Harpootlian thinks that a black man graduating from college is a significant enough accomplishment to warrant a 464 page autobiography?  Cuz that wouldn’t be even a little bit racist. ::snort::
  • May 2012: The political director of South Carolina’s Senate Democratic Caucus labeled Nikki Haley the “Sikh Jesus” and warned heatedly that “her daddy wears a turban around Lexington and her mommy has a ruby between her head.”
  • September 2012: The AFL-CIO president smashed a Nikki Haley pinata and kept whacking at it, to cheers of “Smash her again!”, until the pinata was demolished. Isn’t it good to see Democrats demonstrating against violence against women using a baseball bat? ::coughcrosshairscough::

  • November 2012: Harpootlian likened Governor Haley to Hitler’s mistress, Eva Braun, and said Haley prefers South Carolina have bad schools, because only uneducated people would elect someone like her. [Project much, Mr. Democrat Person?]
  • May 2013: Harpootlian said he wished Haley would go “back to wherever the hell she came from.” That would be her hometown of Bamberg, South Carolina, but one must wonder what the Lefties would have made of a Republican saying those words about a non-white Democrat. Dog whistles anyone?
  • This past week, Democrat SC State Senator Vincent Sheheen said of his opponent Republican SC Governor Nikki Haley, “We’re going to escort whore out the door.” Then he corrected himself and said, “We’re going to escort her out the door.” His campaign said it was his accent and/or he just misspoke and see how he corrected himself? Yes, I did. I also saw how he and his audience snickered and how he then said, “You gotta tell the truth.”

2014_10 Dem calls opponent a whore

This reminds me of all those times Obama was “just scratching an itch” when he raised his middle finger while mentioning an opponent in a speech. His audiences laughed and he snickered and mugged too. So maybe Sheheen planned to call Haley a “whore” or maybe it really was a Freudian slip. Still … once he had done it and gotten a laugh, he seemed delighted to go along with it. Watch the video and see.

Michelle Malkin said she was sorry Rush called Fluke a “slut”, but noted that “‘slut’ is one of the nicer things I’ve been called over 20 years of public life. In college during the late 1980s, it was ‘race traitor’, ‘coconut’ (brown on the outside white on the inside) and ‘white man’s puppet’. After my first book, ‘Invasion’, came out in 2001, it was ‘immigrant-hater’, the ‘Radical Right’s Asian Pitbull’, ‘Tokyo Rose’ and ‘Aunt Tomasina’. In my third book, 2005′s ‘Unhinged’, I published entire chapters of hate mail rife with degrading, unprintable sexual epithets and mockery of my Filipino heritage.”

If you can stand to see more examples of the Democrat’s War on Conservative Women … here are some compiled by Lori Ziganto:

  • “What about saying she’s a wh*re?” – Jerry Brown and aide in reference to Meg Whitman
  • “You have to lift their skirts to find out if they are women. You sure can’t find out by how they vote!” – Democrat Congresswoman State Rep. Janis Sontany (D-TN)
  • “She works the pole” (as in stripper pole) – Joe Scarborough about Jerri Thompson
  • “She performed [redacted sexual act] on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee” – John Sylvester, WDTY about Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
  • “She’s a balloon head” – Chris Matthews, MSNBC in reference to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
  • “Christian Stepford wife in a ‘sexy librarian’ costume” — “hardcore pornographic centerfold spread.” – Salon, about Sarah Palin
  • “Vote for only ‘authentic’ female candidates” – Patricia Ireland of N.O.W.
  • “Sarah Palin is Pat Buchanan in drag” – Eleanor Clift, in Newsweek
  • “Her greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman.” – Wendy Doniger, The Washington Post
  • “Do you cheer if the (glass) ceiling is crashed by two conservative businesswomen?” – Slate
  • “I feels as if all these women winning are kind of a blow to feminism.” – Tina Brown, Daily Beast on Good Morning America
  • “Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzlies are merely the latest incarnation of the anti-women’s movement — a movement to oppose real solutions for women, dressed up in a skirt and lipstick, as if to legitimize their efforts to block progress.” – Alternet
  • “She may be a lady, but she ain’t no woman” – Salon, in reference to Sarah Palin

None of this should be surprising coming from the party that removed any mention of God from their platform, cheered more for abortion than for national security, compared Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels, and declared loudly that all our rights are granted to us by the government, not the other way around as the Declaration and Constitution clearly state.



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Lowering the bar

Just when you thought Wendy Davis had hit the bottom rung, another Democrat comes along to lower the bar even further.

Check out the ad Dave Domina just released.  Following the footage of a coma patient wearing a Domina t-shirt, the ad brags that Domina “shows up,” “stands up,” and “makes a difference.” Oy. Remember when liberals claimed that Julie Boonstra, Holly Fisher, and others voicing their opposition to Obamacare were just “Republican props”? At least they were conscious and capable of giving consent.

Mother & Daughter

I wouldn’t have had a problem with the mother talking about her daughter, maybe with a photo of her before the accident or something. But having the girl in the ad AND wearing a campaign t-shirt was just beyond the pale. It reminds me of that time when Obama bragged about a cancer patient who asked to be buried in an Obama t-shirt. He didn’t remember her name, but boy howdy, wasn’t it swell that she lurved him so much? Ick.

Earlier this month, Democratic Nebraska Senate candidate Dave Domina was forced to defend his decision to defend Nazi war criminal Ivan Kalymon in 2006. Domina stood by his work, saying that “Mr. Kalymon lived an honorable life in the U.S.” Plus, you know, Domina is “person without biases against other people” and his “own beloved grandchildren are Jewish people.”

I wonder how his pet “Jewish people” felt about his decision?

Domina ads

Fortunately, Domina’s opponent is WAY ahead in the polls.


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