I’m an American and I vote

I'm an American

2014_10 23 Three assaults on our safety


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    The top graphic was inspired by the mention of a bumper sticker that says, “Sarah Palin isn’t a woman. She’s a Republican.” My first reaction was that this was offensive, which is how it was intended.

    Left-wingers really seem to believe that any member of any of their pet minorities who votes Republican is a self-hater. They can’t conceive of a world in which victim minority groups would ever willingly choose to shed their Democrat chains, which just shows how teensy weensy their pathetic little sheeple minds are.

    But as I was making coffee, I had this idea that the bumper sticker has a very positive spin to it, which is that it doesn’t matter if Sarah Palin is a woman or not. She votes with her big, well-informed brain, not with her unthinking body parts.


  2. That new documentary, Rocky Mountain Heist, can be viewed online here.

    H/t Noisy Room


    • Thanks for that mention. I’m looking forward to seeing this. Looks like Michelle Malkin has been involved, and it’s a long overdue look into the decades-long liberal billionaire scam that’s helped keep Democrats in charge in some of our nominally red states.