Canada On Its Knees

The following is a brief excerpt from Gavin McInnes’ piece in Taki’s Magazine about recent terror in Ottawa, and the total paralysis that has followed, which is not much different from our own. Mr. McInnes is an English-born-from-Scottish-parents, Canadian Ex-pat who usually writes from New York. Mild language warning.

Terror In CanadaI’m in Toronto right now guest-hosting a show on Sun News called Straight Talk. Thank God. The Canadian media have been dominated by the CBC since the 1930s and they make MSNBC look like Fox. When the Sun came out in 2011, it introduced the possibility that liberals might be full of shit and the entire country had a heart attack. This is the nation where a human rights commission will sue you personally for hate speech, even if what you said is true. They’ve sued Ezra Levant several times and he’s the most popular host on the network.

It’s the only sane place in Canada to be right now, which is why I felt so lucky to be at Sun headquarters when jihadist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau assassinated Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at Canada’s National War Memorial on Wednesday.

Generations of multicultural pandering have turned Canadians soft, and even before the shooting we were hearing about how crucial it is to reserve judgment regarding Islam. On Monday morning, another radicalized nut job, Martin Couture-Rouleau, assassinated Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent by smashing into him with his car. Instead of getting angry, Canadians called for tolerance. They refused to call the terrorist a terrorist and insisted it was some poor, disenfranchised youth who was mad at us for taking too long to renew his passport. Toronto Star reporter Tonda MacCharles asked the RCMP commissioner if Couture-Rouleau had been frustrated in an attempt to leave, perhaps? Yeah, that’s it. It’s our fault for inconveniencing him. We refused his renewal because we saw him as a potential danger. What are we supposed to do, let him go train in Syria so he can come back and build bombs with aplomb? Read more at Taki’s Mag.

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