History, from the beginning, has been rife with examples of man’s inhumanity to man. He is capable of unspeakable depravity and cruelty far beyond the limits of a civil society. I am closing in on my 1,000th post here and my intent has always been to inform,entertain, and I’d like to think maybe give you a chuckle or two. I have never and WILL never post any reference to torture, stonings, crucifixions, beheadings, and bareass spankings.

But today I felt compelled to post an item that defies description. If you have a delicate constitution or are faint of heart my advice is to skip directly to the comments. I do this out of respect for you and a concern for your well-being. It is posted far enough down the header that you can avoid it by scrolling quickly.
You have been warned.











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  1. Pistol Pete

    Late-breaking scandal could cost GOP expected South Dakota Senate seat
    The three-way race for South Dakota’s open Senate seat got more complicated Wednesday, when the Sioux Falls Argus Leader published a page one story alleging that former Governor Mike Rounds, the Republican candidate and current leader in the polls, had approved $600,000 in state assistance to a company that was about hire a member of his cabinet.
    This is a classic liberal ambush.Recall Ted Stevens getting indicted by a corrupt Alaska attorney general just three days before the election handing the senate seat to Mark Begich then getting the charges thrown out right after the election.or exposing the suggestive e-mails Mark Foley sent to a young page the day after he could have been replaced on the ballot.he disappeared the next day and hasn’t been heard from since.
    If Rounds loses,look for the chatges to be dropped soon after the election.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Freedom Partners To Spend $6.5 Million To Make Closing Arguments Against Democrats
    Starting this week, a Koch-backed super PAC plans to spend a whopping $6.5 million to make a simple closing argument against the most vulnerable Democrats running for the Senate: a vote for the Democrat is a vote for President Barack Obama.
    The super PAC is targeting Democrats in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Iowa and New Hampshire.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Michael Brown’s Granny & Mother Brawl in Street Over T-Shirts & Swag
    <img src="mike brown tshirts” alt=”” />
    This explains a lot.
    Michael Brown’s mother, grandmother and auntie brawled on the corner of Canfield and West Florissant late Saturday over the rights to T-shirt sales.
    Police sources tell us Brown`s Grandmother, Pearlie Gordon, along with Brown`s Cousin Tony Petty, were selling t-shirts and other Michael Brown merchandise.

    A police report describes a car pulling up and several people getting out. One of those people, was reported to be Michael Brown`s Mom, Lesley McSpadden. A witness described McSpadden yelling ‘You can`t sell this s%$&” One of the relatives, who was selling, reportedly demanded McSpadden show a document proving she had a patent.

    Isn’t it peculiar how some peoples rage can be allayed with cash?


  4. Pistol Pete

    Revealed: Muslim convert who shot dead Canadian soldier is the ‘privately-educated son of country’s immigration chief, had his passport revoked and has ‘links to Syrian terrorist’

    Quebec-born Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, recently converted to Islam and had dreams of heading to the Middle East
    He had his passport seized after being designated a ‘high-risk traveler’ – despite his mother being on Canada’s immigration board
    He had multiple drug and robbery arrests, and a 2003 weapons charge
    He had told a friend the ‘devil was after him’ and knew a man who is still at large after leaving Canada to join Islamist fighters in Syria
    Harper addressed his country later, saying this ‘terrorist attack’ would ‘not intimidate Canada’ and on Thursday placed flowers at the scene
    His mother Susan Bibeau confirmed her son’s involvement and said she was crying for the victims not for her own child
    Revealed she met him for lunch last week but had not seen him for five years prior to that reunion


  5. Pistol Pete

    The Weirdest Media Spin Yet for Obama

    The day after a largely black audience walked out on him in Maryland, President Obama went on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show in an effort to get black people to like him again.

    Yes folks, Obama has fallen that low.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      If only they were on the “right side” of any of these issues. But they’re on the LEFT side and that’s why they should lose.


  6. Pistol Pete

    Obama: They Still Don’t Get Who He is
    Remember the programmed cyborg assassin played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movies? Think of Obama as a cyborg programmed by socialist/progressives, unfeeling, relentless and laser focused on his mission to transform America as founded and dethrone her.

    And nothing, I repeat, nothing, including American lives, will deter this machine from fulfilling its mission.


  7. Pistol Pete

    Mother Jones’ David Corn: Minorities May Not Be Smart Enough “To Know They’re Not Being Allowed To Vote” By The GOP…


  8. Pistol Pete

    Thomas Roberts, Sam Stein Defend Hillary’s War on Bill’s Women: Just a ‘Spouse’ Dealing with a ‘Personal Family Matter’

    Today’s Morning Joe offered a sinister sneak preview of how the MSM will defend presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whatever the cost to integrity or decency. The topic was the way that Hillary orchestrated the trashing of Bill’s many women. Joe Scarborough argued forcefully that this should be remembered when as a presidential candidate she rails against the “war on women.”
    We’re gonna hear this crap for the next two years,folks.Get used to it.


  9. Pistol Pete

    Pamphlet Showing Bible Sexually Assaulting A Woman To Be Given To High Schoolers
    This is the most vile filth I’ve seen in a while….and I’ve seen a lot.
    Carrying a Holy Bible in school can get you suspended but atheists are allowed to push this????
    <img src="Cover of one of the pamphlets the atheist group plans to hand out to high schoolers.” alt=”” />


  10. Pistol Pete

    Pittsburgh Fans Sing “O Canada” at Penguins-Flyers Game After Ottawa Terror Attack (Video)
    Pittsburgh fans joined in to sing “O Canada” before the Pittsburgh Penguins- Philadelphia Flyers game on Wednesday.

    In recognition of Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Ottawa, the Canadian National Anthem was performed prior to the hockey game at CONSOL Energy Center.


  11. Pistol Pete

    Justice Department condemns Ferguson leaks as effort to influence opinion
    <img src="Ferguson, Mo., memorial” alt=”” />
    A Justice Department spokeswoman responded in a statement to the Los Angeles Times: “The department considers the selective release of information in this investigation to be irresponsible and highly troubling. Since the release of the convenience-store footage, there seems to be an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion about this case.”

    Don’t these people realize Justice is the only department who gets to unfirly rig investigations?They may be forced to try Wilson for violating st. Mikey’s civil rights.Anything to appease the unwashed amsses.


  12. Hilarious post, Pete! Ol’ Joe is always good for a shock or a laugh. I also ROFLOLd pretty good at that iOTW disease chart. Dipshittia! LOLOL!


  13. chrissythehyphenated

    Back atcha, Pete!


  14. Ting

    So, I’m guessing it is safe for me to go back and look now???


    • LOL, Ting! Poor Gruntessa did the same thing! She crept ever so slowly down the thread, afraid to see what fresh horror Pete might have posted. Then she came down to my office and said: “You know, I really like that Pete guy. He’s a riot!” 🙂

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  15. Good evening, what’s left of it. Have some news links & stuff to share

    Remembering Corporal Nathan Cirillo

    On War News Updates, many links and a nice comment by the editor: “Corporal Nathan Cirillo must have been a very special reservist to be given the duty of being a guard at Canada’s War Memorial. It is …. in every way …. sacred ground …. and only the best of the best are given the duty.”


  16. Arlene from Israel writes in

    Chaya Zissel Braun the three-month old baby girl killed by a terrorist using his car as a weapon, was laid to rest at midnight last night. Her death came about after the terrorist’s car slammed into her stroller, sending her flying some ten meters into the air. She landed on her head, and fractured her skull; doctors could not save her because of internal hemorrhaging. … Her parents – who had waited years to have a child, and had just returned from bringing her to the Kotel (the Western Wall) for the first time – are traumatized and in shock. This picture – courtesy of the family – was taken at the Kotel, shortly before she was killed. …

    The “silent intifada” threat to Israel is extensive. And the US Government is morally more bankrupt than the treasury.


  17. I Own the World has been reborn as I Own the World Report for some reason. The new link is – so if you had it bookmarked, time to change the address.