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With friends like FLOTUS …

Michelle Obama is more popular than her husband on the campaign circuit, but that doesn’t mean she’s a huge asset.

On October 10, she called Bruce Braley, the Democrat’s candidate for Senate in Iowa, “Bruce Bailey” … seven times. Eleven days later, she returned to Iowa, where she poked fun at herself for getting Braley’s name wrong, then her staff sent out a copy of her remarks with the heading “Democratic candidate for governor Bruce Braley.”

Michelle refers to Mark Udall as a “Fifth-Generation Coloradan.”

Michelle also said, “We will get Mark Udall into office.”

SENATOR Mark Udall was born in Arizona and moved to Colorado only after he had graduated from college. His opponent, Cory Gardner, however … now HE actually is a fifth-generation Coloradan.

2014 Cory Gardner for Senate



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Dueling Seminarians

tap dance terms

The Rev. David Rider and the Rev. John Gibson entertained guests at a dinner at the Pontifical North American College in Rome.  This is the BEST video I’ve seen in ages!!   🙂


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The Democrat War on Women

The political left is ALL about condemning violence against women … unless the victim is a famous Republican.

2014_10 22 CNN female host gleeful over Bristol Palin assault

The most recent example was CNN anchor Carol Costello, who was outspoken about the evils of violence against women when the victim was Ray Rice’s fiance. At that time, she explained the issue was deeply personal for her, because she was assaulted by her college boyfriend.

“I never wanted to become the poster child for anything, let alone domestic violence. But my blood is boiling, so when I say shut up, I’m venting at all those people out there who insist on blaming the victim.”

But check out her reportage about a recent assault on Bristol Palin:

“Sit back and enjoy. You’ll want to hear what she told cops about how it all started.”

In the tearful audio, Bristol describes being knocked down by a man she doesn’t know, who hit her and dragged by her feet across the grass (she was wearing a dress) while screaming expletives at her.

Warning: Costello’s attitude before and after playing the audio is beyond disturbing.

At the end, she makes a point of saying no charges were filed in the incident, which given her attitude, suggested Bristol was exaggerating or lying. But Bristol says on the tape she had no idea who the man was. It’s a little hard to file charges when you haven’t got an identity for your assailant.

Frankly, I wish I hadn’t just eaten when I watched this.

The same video embedded @
and @


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Dear God, Help us all WALK ON WITH HOPE

Dear God

You’ll never walk alone – Susan Boyle

Movie Recommend: This is a good flick about faith and hope
What if God were the sun

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“I can’t be a Christian and stay in the Democrat party.”

82 Yr Old Grandmother Voting Straight Republican; Tired of Democrats [2:06]

October 22, 2014: Joyce, an 82 year old lifelong black Democrat called C-Span to express her dismay with her party and announce that she voted straight Republican this year. She is dismayed with the Democrats stance on religion, abortion, and the poor effects of Obama’s policies on the black community and the country.

“I have noticed in years what the Democratic party has done to my people. Unemployment is higher in the black community….than anywhere else.

I cannot say, there’s no way I can continue to say that I was a Christian and stay in the Democrat party. They advocate the killing of babies, they advocate taking from the doers and giving to the ones sitting doing nothing…….”

She continued by saying that it is not racist to say that Obama isn’t an effective President. She said it is foolish to play the race card.

“This man is destroying this country…He said he was going to transform American and that is what he is doing.”

Tea Party is not racist


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Since when did it become “civilized” and “a woman’s right” to dismember helpless children?

ABORTION Charlotte

Kay Hagan’s Abortion Record is Too Extreme for NC – Kay Hagan has stated there is “no chance” she’ll support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to ban late abortion. She is considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents up for reelection in 2014.

Photos of late term abortions

The California Department of Managed Health Care has reclassified abortion as a “basic health service” under the Affordable Care Act and ordered all insurance plans in the state to begin covering surgical abortions immediately. California churches are refusing to comply.

Charlotte’s story

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History, from the beginning, has been rife with examples of man’s inhumanity to man. He is capable of unspeakable depravity and cruelty far beyond the limits of a civil society. I am closing in on my 1,000th post here and my intent has always been to inform,entertain, and I’d like to think maybe give you a chuckle or two. I have never and WILL never post any reference to torture, stonings, crucifixions, beheadings, and bareass spankings.

But today I felt compelled to post an item that defies description. If you have a delicate constitution or are faint of heart my advice is to skip directly to the comments. I do this out of respect for you and a concern for your well-being. It is posted far enough down the header that you can avoid it by scrolling quickly.
You have been warned.











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Al Sharpton Apparently Unsure Canada is a Separate Country

Crack MSNBC anchor and geography expert Al Sharpton may have forced the Saturday Night Live comedy skit writers to revise their scripts again for this weekend when he self-parodied during last night’s broadcast covering the shootings in Canadian Parliament. Possibly unsure about the name of the capitol of Canada, Sharpton turned to CBC reporter Chloe Fedio in Ottawa and clearly asked her “What’s the latest tonight in Iowa?” Ms. Fedio, herself a Canadian, was so shocked and flustered by the question that she laughed nervously before stating the name of the actual city where she was reporting, repeating it clearly several times during her statement, as if pronouncing it for a class of children. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.


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