Uh no

Patient Zero not caring to come here

Michael Moore demonstrated his highly evolved left-titude with this tweet:

  • “If only the Liberian man w/ Ebola in Texas had told the hospital he wanted an abortion. They would have immediately gone all Pro-Life on him.”

My fave responses:

  • “You’re a few tweets away from Louis Farrakhan status.”
  • “His nurse is fighting for her life, you dipshit.”
  • “Michael Moore: 400 corn-fed lbs of pure attention whore.”

Michael followed up with this deeply uninformed and intolerant comment:

  • “If u get sick in Texas, the last person u want treating u is a person educated in a system that says Adam & Eve rode dinosaurs 6,000 yrs ago”

My fave responses:

  • “In other words, a Christian, right?”
  • “Right. Cuz all Christians believe Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs, right?”
  • “Does Michael even know that man CHOSE to come to Texas BECAUSE he had Ebola?”
  • “Michael should be required to go to Cuba for his healthcare.”

Final zinger from a Twitchy commenter:

  • “The Head of NIH, Dr. Francis Collins, is a Christian and believes in evolutionary creationism. He was the head of the Human Genome Mapping Project and has published books detailing questions regarding evolutionary theory and about his belief in supernatural direction. How does Michael Moore feel about him now being the head of NIH? Wonder how he ever left Texas? (He’s really from Virginia.)”



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3 responses to “Uh no

  1. Michael “Gasbag” Moore going down in flames.

    Oh, the humanity (for certain values of human)!


  2. Michael Moore is a blithering idiot. If Duncan (or any other man, Liberian or otherwise) had gone to a hospital in Texas (or anywhere else in the world) and said he wanted an abortion, they would have concluded that he was in need of psychiatric help.