Democrats getting the usual pass from the MSM

Biden copping feel, Hunter coke use



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  1. Coincidentally, “Octopus Paws” is Biden’s new Secret Service code name. How did you know that? 😉

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  2. Chrissy, I know you’ll love this.
    The State Dept is transporting Africans here for treatment, but U.S. Military personnel who contract will be quarantined in Liberia. Wonderful.


  3. I have some links I thought y’all might appreciate. Will Pete be giving us a post today? (Not that this thread didn’t go “off-topic” immediately.) 🙂


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Feel free to stick your linkies wherever. Doesn’t bother me at all. I’d rather see them O/T than not at all. Pete usually takes the week-ends off to recharge his batteries. His post yesterday was an unusual bonus edition.


  4. chrissy > “Pete usually takes the week-ends off” – yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Well, then, some “Sunday” fare I’ve been thinking about.

    Even a faithless, unchurched, heretic heathen like me can see pretty clearly that, along with the rest of the War on Truth, Justice, and the American Way, there is throughout the world a serious ramp-up in the war on real faith, churches in general, and Christianity in particular.

    One more relatively small but all too common example: “A school board in Georgia voted Tuesday night to remove or cover up Bible verses on a controversial monument that was recently installed near a district-owned football field.”

    (The Blaze, c/o Weasel Zippers)

    The “controversial” quote, to which “at least two atheist activist groups” objected — did it call for stoning witches? did it speak of raining hellfire on Sodomites? did it call for beheading of unbelievers?

    It reads: “If God be for us.”

    Oooo!!!!11!! That’s pretty offensive, all righty. (Petty grievance lawfare; we hates it. The problem here is compounded by the government running the schools in the first place — but I digress….)

    Then there’s that big fat target in Christianity, you know, that Vatican-centered sect. (Continued…)


  5. (Rambling on)

    In my tinfoil turban perspective as a Concerned Outsider, I thought the Church was going off the rails with the two-Pope solution, but I can’t say I’ve since closely followed all the ins-and-outs about Francis. I admit I haven’t even thoroughly studied all of chrissy’s posts, e.g. answering media reports about Pope Francis. I subscribe to a few blogs that seem to have strong Catholic influence. (!) Although I may not keep up with everything, you don’t have to be Jewish to support Israel, and you don’t have to be Catholic to pray the Church withstands the infiltration and undermining that has been tried with all the churches.

    So, I recently read Ann Barnhardt suggesting Francis is intentionally undermining the traditional church.

    At Liberty’s Torch, Francis W. Porretto quotes Ann and somewhat ambivalently suggests it could be true.

    I’ve read commenters taking this very seriously.

    Methinks, oh, yeah?

    (just one more)


  6. (You also get…)

    I read something about renting out the Sistine Chapel to a Porsche Tour Group for a wine/dine experience under the ceiling complete with choir music and yummy food, proceeds to go to the Pope’s personally selected charities? Seems… disrespectful. Well…

    Then there’s matters like, Cardinal Raymond Burke sent to Malta, being portrayed as a blow against traditional teachings. Meanwhile, I read something about a liberal Chicago archbishop favoring Obama-style “immigration”?

    Just putting those out here. In the midst of war, it’s hard to parse out what’s true. And keep up with everything. Obviously, I could do more research on some of the points above. Do I have a point? Overall, hard to know what to think. Perhaps some thoughtful replies will help me think, though.

    At least writing this helps me retire several browser tabs I’ve had open for a while.

    (I’m done now.)


  7. Did I say I was done? I just checked my newsfeeds again and found some related items.

    The Other McCain: “Conquest’s Second Law: ‘Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing.’ Catholics are seeing it confirmed.”

    And, the “couple of ordained ministers in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, who have been told that they either have to start performing same-sex weddings or face jail time and up to $1000 per day in fines.” (Fox News c/o Chicks on the Right)


  8. Funny you should mention this, Mindful. Plain Jane and I were just lamenting, in email, that we were going to get slaughtered by all the Ann Barnhardt supporters over on iOTW as soon as she wrote her expected opinion about this. PJ and I have been defending Pope Francis for about 2 years over there, and every once in a while, Ann drops in and yells at us for not seeing her brilliance on the issue.

    Let me just say that this fight has been going on for a while. In the RCC there are not just liberals and conservatives, but also Traditionalists (like Ann and Cardinal Burke), who are not really conservative like us, but more like crazy prepper conspiracy theorists who are busy building bomb shelters, in my view. At least the crazy ones are like that. There are lots of decent ones, whom I respect, but the loony ones just went NUTS when Francis was elected, and they haven’t been very rational about it, in my opinion. Ann is one of those. Even though I like her, and we’re acquaintances IRL, we fight like cats and dogs on this issue. See here:

    Or comments here:

    In short, I do not buy the traditionalist accusations, fanned on by the news media, that Francis is dismantling the Church. I’m familiar with his very orthodox views enough to trust him in the mild changes that he’s talking about making. None of them involve doctrine. He wants to reverse the idiotic trend in the Church that makes it rule-bound in situations where it should be helpful and merciful.

    To give you an example, my own personal experience is that friends have left the Church because they were loaded up with impossible hoops to jump through in order to get properly married or (especially) recover from a divorce. Even getting a child baptized can be very difficult sometimes. Those are not acceptable situations, and Jesus, himself must be enraged by them. Francis sees that, and he’s taken action, himself, to make sure that people in need are not turned away with bureaucratic bullshit. In South America, he became famous for circumventing (and angering) pastors by personally baptizing the babies of single or divorced women when their own priests would not do it. I see him as a hero, and I’m about as devout and orthodox as they come. But we’ll see where this all goes. I don’t know all the facts.


    • I was under the weather yesterday, and not up to replying, but doing better now. So, belatedly, thanks, Grunt, for your thoughtful reply to my silly, disjointed comments. Helps me have a better scaffolding on which to hang things, and filled in some gaps in my meager understanding. Same with discussion on the She Might Be Crazy thread.

      Shortly after I first read your reply, I also ran into this, so, passing it along.
      Don’t Be Fooled, Pope Francis Will Never Capitulate
      Paul Bois / Truth Revolt

      Pope Francis has only one vision for the Catholic Church: a church of shepherds, not sheep; of pastors, not clergy; of teachers, not scholars. He wants a Catholic Church that reaches out and changes people’s hearts rather than hunkering behind a fortress while the secular world encircles it on all fronts. He has no desire to change doctrine, and the previous synod, wildly misreported by the media, reflected that.